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null Manage your waste while #stayathome

Manage your waste while #stayathome

Do you know that domestic waste increases up to 12% during this pandemic? Trash collectors admit their workload has increased as more people work from home. COVID-19 brings uncontrollable challenges such as domestic waste. From tissues to single-use plastics from takeaway/delivery or ready to eat packaging. These waste will keep on piling if we omit doing something. 

One simple way you can cook your own meals. By doing this, you can minimize single use plastic bags and packagings from deliveries. Start to plan your meals for the weeks before shopping and buy only the things needed for those meals, in that way you avoid wasting away food. 

If cooking is not an option, you can choose eco-friendly food packaging just like Foopak Bio Natura. Stay healthy is very important during this season, but also keeping our environment clean. Let’s become  responsible citizen to #GrowingOurTomorrow #GreenHabit #FightCovid19

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The World Health Organization called the COVID-19 viral disease a pandemic. COVID-19 cases has surpassed 200,000 worldwide as the new coronavirus continues to spread outside of China, the original epicenter of the outbreak. While in Indonesia, per 19 March 2020, there are 227 people infected by the virus mostly live in the greater Jakarta area.