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null Stay Healthy and Productive During the COVID-19

Stay Healthy and Productive During the COVID-19

Good Public Hygiene

The World Health Organization called the COVID-19 viral disease a pandemic. COVID-19 cases has surpassed 200,000 worldwide as the new coronavirus continues to spread outside of China, the original epicenter of the outbreak. While in Indonesia, per 19 March 2020, there are 227 people infected by the virus mostly live in the greater Jakarta area.

The virus spread from person to person in proximity and the droplets of bodily fluids from an infected person are dispersed in the air or on surfaces by coughing or sneezing. Reports said that the virus could last for 9 days in the hard surface like metal, which is one of the causes why this virus spread all over the world rapidly.

While on the other hand, even though COVID-19 has been established as a pandemic, most companies have not yet issue policies for working from home (WFH) due to various reasons. How to maintain your health and prevent infected by the virus in the office, here is few steps that you can do?

  • Clean the areas where you work. Cleaning the table regularly using disinfectant, including the telephone, computer and keyboard. Remember the bacteria’s and virus live longer in those surfaces.
  • Wash your hand frequently and put hand sanitizers in various areas.
  • Provide mask to your coworkers who are sick. Ask this person immediately to see a doctor.
  • Encourage your coworkers to stay at home when they had fever. As first aid, you can take drugs such as paracetamol, ibuprofen or aspirin.
  • Monitoring the COVID-19 development from official and trusted sources.

Earlier this week, President Jokowi has requested for self-isolation and self-quarantine to stop the virus spread, he also urges companies for Working from Home (WFH) and avoid crowd. In total there are 220 companies issued the WFH policies for their employees.

But how we stay productive while working for home and practicing social distance? Here is few tips :

  • Create a work space at home comfortable as possible. Create a workplace in your residence with a comfortable desk and chair. Make sure the network connection to stay connected with your colleague or boss in the office.
  • Stay in routine activity, bathing and dressing like in the office will help increase your productivity and focus at work. Besides you will look professional during video calls or video conferences with other parties.
  • Set limits, working in accordance with office hours will make your body in the right pattern. Eventhough you work from home, your body need a time out as well.
  • Stay happy, Remember the condition of your mind also affects the condition of your body. So, don't stress out.

Up until now COVID-19 vaccine has not been found so the best way to prevent it is by practicing social distance and self-isolation. But the most important thing is to maintain your health, stay hydrated and eat healthy food.

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