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null Creating Business Sustainability with Corporate Social Responsibility, 7 APP Sinar Mas Business Units Achieved High Levels of the Top CSR Awards 2023

Creating Business Sustainability with Corporate Social Responsibility, 7 APP Sinar Mas Business Units Achieved High Levels of the Top CSR Awards 2023

Jakarta, June 7, 2023 - 7 business units of Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) Sinar Mas received the Top CSR Awards 2023, an appreciation for companies who have successfully implemented sustainability and corporate social responsibility. These awards emphasized that our CSR programs have made positive impacts for the community and the environment, and these programs have also aligned with business strategies, supporting us in achieving business targets so that the companies’ performance can grow sustainably.

This year, PT Pabrik Kertas Tjiwi Kimia Tbk (Tjiwi Kimia) received the highest rating (5 stars), while PT Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper Tbk (IKPP), PT Pindo Deli Pulp and Paper Mills (Pindo Deli), PT Lontar Papyrus Pulp & Paper Industry (LPPPI), PT Arara Abadi, PT Wirakarya Sakti, and PT Sumalindo Hutani Jaya (SHJ) each received a high rating (4 stars).

These awards were given based on CSR initiatives that are in line with the company’s business strategy, the implementation of CSR policies and programs that are in accordance with ISO 26000:2010, CSR governance, and the application of the Creating Shared Value (CSV) concept. A 5-star company demonstrates excellence in CSR systems, policies, and implementation, which strongly support sustainable business growth. Meanwhile, companies with 4 stars have excellent CSR systems, policies, and implementation, and already support sustainable business growth.

"We are humbled to have received this achievement, as we have always strived to implement sustainable business strategies with innovative CSR programs. These two elements complement each other, supporting our business growth while providing positive impacts to the community and the environment," said APP Sinar Mas Director Suhendra Wiriadinata on a separate occasion.

Suhendra conveyed that the programs run by APP Sinar Mas' business units are also in line with the Sustainability Roadmap Vision (SRV) 2030. "We strive to continue innovating so that our business growth will contribute positively to all parties," he added.

APP Sinar Mas always applies ISO 26000 and environmental aspects and continuously pays attention to CSV aspects and CSR alignment to support the company's business to grow sustainably. For example, Tjiwi Kimia has implemented a local community empowerment program by providing access to cooperation in construction, material/goods supply and services, with 95 local suppliers involving more than 5,454 workers.

In addition, Tjiwi Kimia has a program to utilize coal combustion ash waste (fly ash & bottom ash) as a mixture of brick and paving blocks distributed to schools, community sanitation development, and village infrastructure.

The Top CSR Awards has been held since 2017 by Top Business Magazine, collaborating with numerous institutions such as the Association of Indonesian Governance Professionals (PaGI), GRC Indonesia Association, Corebest, Nawacita Study Institute, ISVI, Pakem Foundation, SDP, and SKB.

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