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null How to Reduce Paper Clutter at Home

How to Reduce Paper Clutter at Home

Sometimes, paper can throw even the most organized person into a scruffy mess. At first, maybe it was only a few letters, unopened bills, and your kids' homework. But if you don't take care of them right away, your home could turn into a paper nightmare! Here are some little tips from us to help you reduce paper clutter at home and prevent it from happening.

For starters, you shouldn't allow this mess to accumulate in the first place. It's easy to simply pick up your mail, bring it inside, put it on the counter, and deal with it later. However, if you keep doing that every day, it will pile up into a huge eyesore. So, whenever you've got something in your mailbox, immediately organize or dispose of it. 

Speaking of which, remember to put your junk mail and other used paper in the recycle bin and take them to the recycling center later. So, you're not merely moving your mess from home to another location but actually help to preserve the environment and even make money out of it! Used pieces of paper still have value, after all, and products made from recycled products are always environmentally friendly. 

With a little to no effort, you can even get the benefit out of them. For example, you can reuse your old newspapers as cleaning wipes for your windows and wood furniture. Thanks to its highly-absorbent nature, newspapers can effectively remove dirt without leaving water and grime trails. Or you can also utilize any paper for enveloping metal utensils to prevent rust. Some people even cover the base of their drawers and cupboards with paper to protect their belongings from weathering and to keep them clean. 

If you're into creativity, you can create beautiful crafts out of used pieces of paper and open up a new business opportunity. You can reuse them. They can be made into origami, lamp covers, and many others. If you would take the extra steps to turn them back into pulp, you can even sculpt dolls, masks, or any artwork that you like. With imagination, possibilities are endless!

There's still so much you can do with your used paper, and we can't possibly cover it all in this article. So please follow our Instagram to find more inspiration and let us know there if you want more detailed life hack articles here at APP Stories! And don't forget to use our paper products to have a great experience to complement your now clutter-free living!

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