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null How to Explain the Climate Crisis to Your Children

How to Explain the Climate Crisis to Your Children

"Children of today are the leaders of tomorrow and education is a very important weapon to prepare children for their future roles as leaders of the community." - Nelson Mandela, 1990.

As hinted by the South African leader, becoming a parent is not only about being responsible for your family's well-being but also your children's education for the future. And we're not talking exclusively about getting them to school. Yes, you also have to answer their innocent questions about things that they might have heard on TV, the internet, or somewhere else, like, "what is climate crisis?"

Climate crisis is a hot topic, and it might be quite challenging to explain the issue to children. But it would be best if you never ignored their curiosity as it may play an important role in their cognitive development. Especially for this topic, you should inform them of the world in which they live. They deserve to understand as it affects their future, and their concern is vital for the next generation.

However, it would help if you were careful not to make them feel depressed or discouraged. Talking about the crisis does not necessarily mean that you have to preach about its threats and dangers. You can emphasize more positive things like the efforts that we take and what they could also do to protect the planet.

Give your children examples of more environment-conscious habits like saving water in the shower or turning off unused lights to save energy at home. Then, explain to them why these practices are essential in overcoming the climate crisis. If you make these habits, the kids will quickly learn and might even adopt the lifestyle to the later stages of their lives.

You can also try to explain the crisis when you're going about your daily life. For instance, pack your children a snack using a reusable container from home and tell them that it will reduce packaging pollution. Or maybe you can explain to them about reducing air pollution when they're about to go to school by bike.

To complement your efforts, you can also show your children kids-friendly content from the internet. This article from National Geographic is one example. Also, make sure to listen to your children's opinions about the climate crisis and help them get heard. They could be the next Greta Thunberg!

And, of course, there's always something new every day for us to learn about the environment as well. Keep your knowledge up to date so you will be able to answer once your kids come up with new questions. Follow our social media accounts and stay tuned to our blogs for more insight and inspiration. For our children, let's grow our tomorrow together for a better future! 

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