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Corrugated Carton Sheet is created from combination layers of Test Liner and Fluting Medium

The majority of Corrugated Carton Sheet is used by Corrugated Box Manufacturer for making boxes or as separator/partition.

The material is 100% from recycled fiber.

We provide customize Corrugated Carton Sheet with many different material grades and variety of paper weights. We can develop the sheets match customer’s specific requirements.

• Single Wall board – one corrugated medium between two liners

• Double Wall board – two corrugated mediums between three liners

• Single Face board – one corrugated mediums & one liner



Corrugated Carton Box is packaging from Corrugated Carton Sheet with single layer or double layer corrugated board with customized dimensions, printing & type as customer’s specific requirements. It can be used for storage, packing and delivery box.

Double wall corrugated box provides additional strength and durability in use, especially when stacked. It is very useful for heavy goods and multiple deliveries.

Single wall corrugated box is usually used for light goods.

• A1 Box

Application : General industrial packaging (Non-direct contact food packaging & Non-food packaging)

• Top Bottom Box

Application : Textile/Garment packaging, Shoes Box, E-Commerce, Household, Gift Box, etc.

• Flap Box

Application : Shoes Box, E-Commerce, Household, etc.

• Die Cut Box & Window Patching Box

Application : Fruit Box, Chicken Box, Pizza Box, Gift Box, Beverage.




Manufacture : FOSBER - ITALY



Manufacture : TCY



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