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null Which Foopak Do You Need?

Which Foopak Do You Need?

At this point, if you're already a follower of our blogs or social media, you've probably heard about Foopak. Yes, it's our food packaging solution which is not only eco-friendly but also safer for your health, among others, we've already covered it here. But do you know that it comes in different types?

It's true. Foopak offers you the right food packaging solution for your every need. For example, the Foopak Greaseproof Board, which is a white shade with a barrier coated board, is designed for food packaging with capabilities to resist oil penetration on direct contact with greasy food. Also, this board prevents moisture penetration and can be stored in a chiller or heated in the microwave. That's why it is ideal for bakeries, pastries, cake, pizza, and any fried foods.

On the other hand, the Foopak PE Board, which is a white shade poly-coated board, provides extra protection for the food with the capability to be stored in both fridge and frozen conditions. It is designed for direct contact with food, and the features make it suitable for hot and gravy take away food, rice box, or frozen food.

And what about the sweet side of the tastes spectrum, like tarts, chocolates, of confectionery? Worry not, because we also have Foopak Hard Size Board, which is a hard sized and high bulk board designed for fridge applications. It is recommended for the baseboard of any type of food and even non-food packaging.

And that's only several examples among many other types of food packaging solutions that we have. If you don't find your perfect match in this article, please check out our all-new product page here to see the other ones. Simply put the appropriate filters, like "food packaging," on the search function and find the right Foopak for you. The revamped page also features product pictures, so you can quickly find the one for your business!

Also, don't forget that Foopak is safer and better. Did we say that already? Yes, it's safer and better! So let's use Foopak and grow together for a better tomorrow!

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