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null Introducing Klikpak: Our Ready to Use, Environmentally Friendly Food Packaging

Introducing Klikpak: Our Ready to Use, Environmentally Friendly Food Packaging

Let’s be honest. How many times did you check out a product just for the sake of its fancy packaging? You can say ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ as many times as you like, but packaging has become an essential part of industries and marketing.



In the food industry, there’s also a sense of security that comes with the packaging.  We prefer packaged food because it is hygienic, easier to transport, has a longer shelf life, and so on. Often, if they're not wrapped, we're not buying.


And that frame of thought is valid because essentially packaging is all about protecting the product it contains. No, no, we’re not saying this only because we’re in the industry. In fact, we acknowledge that there’s an environmental issue surrounding the usage of packaging, and we’re trying to fix that with this new product. Now, drum rolls, please.


Introducing ... Klikpak!


It’s our new eco-friendly food packaging solution. With one 'Klik.' you can pack your food faster and with less hassle--saving you time and energy for food deliveries and takeaways. Comes in two sizes, M and L, Klikpak can easily accommodate your various food portions.


But what's practicality without durability? Worry not! Klikpak is also leak-proof, capable of storing almost any type of food--hot, gravy, or frozen meals, you name it. With Klikpak, you have a one-for-all multipurpose packaging for your every food product.


We also ensure utmost hygiene by only using virgin pulp and comply with FDA, ISEGA, and ISO standardizations. On top of that, Klikpak is fluorine-free, odorless, and will not contaminate your food with chemicals. It's also produced with halal assurance from procurement to distribution process to cater to all your customers' needs.


And did we say that Klikpak is eco-friendly? Yes, it is recyclable, compostable, and, most importantly, procured from sustainably managed forests to meet your customers' satisfaction while protecting the planet. Klikpak's recyclability and biodegradability features are the innovations we need to address our waste problem.


Wait, we know what you’re thinking. Aren’t those the features of Foopak? Oh, yes, they are. It’s because Klikpak is made of Foopak paper. So for Foopak users out there, imagine that you pair all the features that you already know and love from Foopak with a simple design which makes it easy to use, easy to store, and suitable to many kinds of foods--and you have Klikpak!


As consumers, we know that we can help protect the environment by doing things like managing our household waste or starting a zero-waste lifestyle. But it could be a bit tricky for business owners in such industries that rely heavily on packaging. If you are looking for the right way to balance your customers' satisfaction and being responsible to the planet, environmentally friendly food packaging is your go-to option.


Getting rid of packaging all at once might be impossible, but that doesn't mean we cannot do something. To quote the founder of Zero Waste Week, Rachel Strauss, "it's not about deprivation or doing without. It's about finding better choices." In this case, the better choice is Klikpak.


Are you ready to make a difference with your food business? Get your first Klikpak shipment here! (Now available worldwide).

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