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null The Spirit of Conservation in Indonesia Green Environment Forestry 2022

The Spirit of Conservation in Indonesia Green Environment Forestry 2022

As a committed company to conserve the environment, Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) Sinar Mas participated in the series of events of Indonesia Green Environment Forestry, the largest forestry exhibition in Indonesia held by Indonesia’s Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK). This exhibition was run throughout July 1-3, 2022 at Jakarta Convention Center (Hall B) with the theme “The Rise of the Forestry Sector for Indonesia’s Improvements”.

This year, the 12th Indonesia Green Environment Forestry 2022 involved 120 exhibitors and 21,500 visitors from various parties, such as representatives from neighboring countries, government officers, entrepreneurs, companies, communities, academics, as well as the general public.

On the first day of the exhibition, APP Sinar Mas held a handicraft workshop and product displays from groups under the CSR guidance of PT Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper (PT IKPP) Serang Mill. The first activity in APP Sinar Mas’ booth is a woven bamboo workshop led by Tegalmaja Bambu Kreasi (TBK). Afterwards, Cipta Handycraft Innovation Product (CHIP) also took part in the booth with product displays on handicrafts from container wood wastes.

APP Sinar Mas’ booth continued the excitement on second day with two workshops. The first workshop involved the brand Kokoru on a variety of handicrafts. The second workshop on flower-making from color papers was led by “Paper Flower”, a group under the CSR guidance of PT IKPP Tangerang Mill.

The second day of the exhibition was not only filled with workshops and product displays, but also an engaging talk show on “Sustainable Management of Production Forests in the Efforts of Economic Revival of the Forestry Sector”. Vice Director APP Sinar Mas Irsyal Yasman, a speaker for this session, conveyed the sustainable contribution from APP Sinar Mas through the development of Industrial Foret (HTI) as the source for raw materials as well as community involvement in the concession management.

The spirit of conservation continued until the last day, where APP Sinar Mas’ booth still showcased various products, such as SiDU, Kokoru, and Paseo. Meanwhile, guided MSMEs also had the opportunity to showcase their products, ranging from F&B to handicrafts.

Indonesia Green Environment Forestry 2022 served as a reminder on the importance of forest conservation. Every entity – starting from individuals to companies – plays a role and has a duty to decrease their greenhouse gas emissions accordingly.

See you at another exciting exhibition!

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