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null IKPP Tangerang, SWA, and PWI Collaboration in Mangrove Restoration Program in Ketapang-Urban Aquaculture

IKPP Tangerang, SWA, and PWI Collaboration in Mangrove Restoration Program in Ketapang-Urban Aquaculture

APP Sinar Mas business unit, PT Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper Tbk (IKPP) Tangerang, together with 52 Sinarmas World Academy students and 10 members of the Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI) planted mangroves in Ketapang-Urban Aquaculture, Mauk, Tangerang Regency. This event is part of a collaboration program for mangrove restoration through eco-education and eco-tourism in supporting the achievement of sustainable development goals (SDGs).

On this occasion, SWA and PWI students also released the Tachypleus, known as the mimi crab, into their habitat. This species is an environmental health bio-indicator. Now, the number of mimi crab keeps increasing, indicating that the quality of the water on the Tangerang Coast is improving and the mangrove restoration program is going well.

The Secretary of the Mauk Sub-district Head, Saepul Anwar also gave his support for this event and said, "We welcome the support provided by PT IKPP Tangerang and all parties involved in this mangrove planting event. This is a small step that will have a big impact on the surrounding environment."

“This mangrove restoration program is our effort to support sustainable development through activities that have a positive impact on the environment. Mangrove trees can absorb carbon emissions, withstand seawater abrasion, and become a habitat for various animals including fish, crabs, and others,” said Kholisul Fatikhin, Head of Sustainability of PT IKPP Tangerang.

“Mangroves are an extraordinary coastal resource. They do not only bring many positive impacts on the environment, but they also increase the productivity of shrimp ponds for the surrounding community. In fact, mangrove plants can be processed into syrup, dodol, klepon, and other foods and drinks that can potentially improve the economy of the local community,” said Hari Mahardika, Section Head of Fisheries Product Technology, Fisheries Agency of Tangerang Regency.

“We invite SWA students to learn and contribute to the preservation of mangrove ecosystems. The future of environmental sustainability is in the hands of the young generation so that the next generations can see Indonesia's natural wealth. I hope that SWA students can share this valuable experience, invite their friends and family to visit Ketapang-Urban Aquaculture, and see the mangrove ecosystem by themselves,” said Deddy Djaja Ria, General Manager of Sinarmas World Academy.

“I am very happy to visit this place, interact with nature, and learn interesting facts about mangrove plants and their role in protecting the environment, releasing, and even taking pictures with the mimi crab. Today, I also tasted mangrove juice. It tasted so good!” said Boyoung, SWA student.

“We appreciate PT IKPP Tangerang's efforts in this mangrove restoration program. We hope that similar activities that bring positive impacts on the community and environment will be held in the future,” Ahmad Eko N., Chairman of PWI South Tangerang.

Every year since 2018, PT IKPP Tangerang plants 25,000 mangrove trees in Ketapang-Urban Aquaculture, with an accumulated total of 175,000 trees that have been planted until now. PT IKPP Tangerang will continue to carry out sustainable development through various activities that have a positive impact on the environment and surrounding communities.

On this occasion, PT IKPP Tangerang also collaborated with Eka Hospital in providing health services for 55 residents.

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