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null Tahang River Festival 2022: Celebration dan Appreciation for Nature Conservation

Tahang River Festival 2022: Celebration dan Appreciation for Nature Conservation

Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) Sinar Mas through PT Indah Kiat Pulp and Paper (IKPP) Tangerang Mill received appreciation for taking part in the river normalization program in Tahang River Festival 2022.

Tahang River Festival 2022 was run by Bank Sampah Sungai Cisadane (Banksasuci) Foundation in commemoration of National River Day (HSN) 2022 on Wednesday, July 27, 2022 which took place in Amphitheater Green Belt PIK 2 Sungai Tahang, Kabupaten Tangerang.

The festival adopted the theme of “Prayer, Love, and Nature’s Purity” and was opened by the Governor’s Expert Staff of Banten Province on Social field M. Agus Setiawan A.W. and was attended by the Head of Environment and Hygiene Department (DLHK) of Tangerang District Ahmad Taufik, DLHK Secretary H. Budi Khunaedi, Chairman of Banksasuci Foundation Ade Yunus, along with the representative from Green Belt PIK 2 Management Ruth Tamzil.

“Tahang River used to only be 6 meters wide. After the normalization, it is now 26 meters wide and we did rearrangements and beautifications across 3.4 kilometers. This is part of our commitment to arrange green open area for 30 hectares and environment conservation in PIK area,” explained Ruth.

In this festival, Banksasuci Foundation gave appreciation to activists of environment conservation, from companies, media, and individual. One of the awardees was PT IKPP Tangerang Mill, which received Banksasuci Award as a Banksasuci PENTAHELIX partner.

Receiving the appreciation, Head of Sustainability PT IKPP Tangerang Mill Kholisul Fatikhin thanked Banksasuci Foundation as an organization that cares for the environment. Conserving the environment, especially rivers, has become a commitment of PT IKPP Tangerang Mill as a company under APP Sinar Mas. To this day, contributions from PT IKPP can be seen from mangrove plantations, which has reached 150 thousand trees along the coast of Tangerang District beach and 3 thousand trees along the banks of Cisadane River.

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