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null Preserving the Environment, PT IKPP Tangerang and Banksasuci Clean Up the Cisadane River

Preserving the Environment, PT IKPP Tangerang and Banksasuci Clean Up the Cisadane River

As a form of concern for the environment, the Cisadane River Garbage Bank (Banksasuci) together with Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) Sinar Mas business unit, PT Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper Tbk (IKPP) Tangerang planted trees along the banks of the Cisadane River.

The activity, which was attended by dozens of employees of PT IKPP Tangerang, apart from planting trees, was also carrying out river crossings, cleaning up trash in the rivers, and providing education about environmental preservation.

Head of Sustainability PT IKPP Tangerang Kholisul Fatikhin said, that since a few years ago, the company that produces this paper has planted trees in a number of locations. "One of them is on the Cisadane River, We have planted mangrove trees, bamboo and are currently planting Kiray trees," he said on Tuesday (15/8/2023).

According to him, activities like this are routinely carried out to help preserve the environment. Especially the Cisadane River as a source of life for the people of Tangerang. "We are working with the Banksasuci community to preserve the environment by planting 720 Kiray trees on the banks of the Cisadane River," he explained.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the Banksuci Foundation Uyus Setiabakti explained that there were several reasons for choosing the Kiray trees to be planted on the Cisadane Riverbanks. "Kiray trees can maintain water quality, improve water quality, and produce water," he said.

Banksasuci, said Uyus, appreciated the collaboration of PT IKPP Tangerang for caring for the environment. This is an example for other companies concerned about preserving the Cisadane River. "Alhamdulillah, PT Indah Kiat Tangerang has contributed a lot to the preservation of the Cisadane River," he said.

An employee of PT IKPP Tangerang, Vian admitted that this was the first time he had participated in this activity and was very happy and supported this river crossing activity. "I hope that local residents will not throw garbage into the river and care more about the environment," he said.

Kholisul also added that this activity was an effort to support the government in reducing carbon emissions through the 2030 Folu Net Sink. This activity was also in line with the 2030 Sustainability Roadmap Vision (SRV) that APP Sinar Mas had launched.


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