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null MPP Activity 2023 Conducted by PT Ekamas Fortuna

MPP Activity 2023 Conducted by PT Ekamas Fortuna

Malang, PT Ekamas Fortuna - Retirement requires preparation and readiness. To equip the employees who will enter their retirement years with knowledge and skills, the management of PUK SPSI PT Ekamas Fortuna, supported by the management of PT Ekamas Fortuna, held Retirement Period Preparation (MPP activity).

In 2023, the MPP activity was held on June 25-26, 2023 participated by 32 employees who will enter their retirement period—this time, held in Blitar, East Java, the MPP activity collaborated with Jatinom Indah Group Farm to share knowledge about chicken and quail farming.

During the event, the representatives from Jatinom Indah Group Farm presented materials related to the distribution of livestock products and financial management, including how to breed and raise chickens and quails, knowledge about diseases in poultry and their prevention, making animal feed independently, and managing finances. Additionally, the participants of the MPP activity also had the opportunity to visit the farm directly to get firsthand experience.

One of the MPP activity participants, Mr. Pitono, from the Finish Good section, explained that the activities conducted were inspiring, provided useful knowledge, and gave him new insights for his retirement plan. Hopefully, the MPP activities carried out by PT Ekamas Fortuna will develop further and continue to inspire employees preparing for their retirement.

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