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null Business Incubation Program – Batch 2: Developing Quality and Independent Women MSMEs

Business Incubation Program – Batch 2: Developing Quality and Independent Women MSMEs

Jakarta, May 10, 2023 – As an effort to support the government in driving the economy through the MSME sector, especially that includes women, Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) Sinar Mas in collaboration with Yayasan Doktor Syahrir (YDS)-Womenpreneur Community (WPC) held a community empowerment program, the Business Incubation – Batch 2. This activity aims to develop MSME players assisted by APP Sinar Mas, to become independent, and focus on product development and marketing.

Irma Sustika, Founder & Chairman of Womenpreneur Community, motivated the program participants. "We believe that every woman has the potential and ability to succeed in business. This Business Incubation Program is expected to help explore women’s potential, empower women, and create better opportunities for women and the community around them," Irma said.

Sera Noviany, APP Sinar Mas' Head of Sustainability Compliance, emphasized that the program is in line with APP Sinar Mas' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Sustainability Roadmap Vision 2030 (SRV 2030). "Through the Human Resources pillar, we are committed to empowering communities including women around APP Sinar Mas' operational areas and its suppliers, which is in line with our global and national goals. Through this activity, MSME players are expected to gain knowledge and skills, so that they can develop their business in the future," Sera said.

This business incubation cooperation program is the second phase of the program – there are 4 meetings in each pillar - as an effort by APP Sinar Mas to increase the capacity of the community. This time, the business incubation program will last three months, from May to July 2023, with 50 participants from MSMEs under the Mills and DMPA program. Participants will gain basic knowledge and skills in production processes, product development and diversification, management, group strengthening, financial literacy, and marketing. The program will take place online and offline with participants in Riau Province.

"Since joining this program, I have managed to develop my products from only woven caping to more varied products such as basket bags, parcel bags, and so on. In addition, my income has increased from Rp 500,000 to Rp 2-4 million per month," said Mamy, one of the successful participants of the Business Incubation Program – Batch 1, an MSME player assisted by PT Finanntara Intiga in Mengkiang Village, Sanggau Regency, West Kalimantan.

Mamy added that her products have now been expanded from the local village to several regions in Kalimantan. At present, Mamy has also been assisted by the Regional National Craft Council (Dekranasda) of Sanggau Regency, and her products have been exhibited abroad, including in Malaysia and Germany.

Currently, Mamy utilizes technology as one of its marketing tools through several marketplace platforms. This is one of the important things taught during the Business Incubation training.

It is hoped that MSME players who have received knowledge through this activity will become pioneers to encourage more MSME players in their respective regions and improve their regional economy.

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