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null Improve Early Writing Literacy: SiDU Achieves MURI Record Through Handwriting Competition by Primary School Students

Improve Early Writing Literacy: SiDU Achieves MURI Record Through Handwriting Competition by Primary School Students

Jakarta, August 22, 2023 - The Writing Competition organized by SiDU in collaboration with CIA Magazine has been officially recognized by the Indonesian Museum of Records (MURI). The training activities and the Writing Competition with the theme "Indonesian Treasure" took place from May 3 to June 22, 2023. This event targeted primary school students in grades 3, 4, and 5 across Indonesia, and received a positive response from students with a total of 6,901 handwritten submitted from primary students throughout the country. This activity received the MURI record for the "Most Handwritten Compositions by Primary School Students". The symbolic award presentation ceremony was held at SDN 10 Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta.

Adi Kurniawan, Domestic Business Head of Stationery Business at Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) Sinar Mas, stated, "We are happy to find out that “Lomba Menulis Harta Karun Indonesia” held by SiDU in 2023 has successfully achieved the MURI record. This Writing Competition is part of our Ayo Menulis program with SiDU, which was launched in 2017. This activity is our effort to support the government in enhancing literacy, especially writing skills, from an early age."

"Writing skills, alongside reading, communication, filtering, and analyzing information, are crucial in acquiring knowledge and competitive economic opportunities globally. This is a commitment that we continuously uphold to support Indonesian children in advancing their competencies for the future," Adi explained.

From “Lomba Menulis Harta Karun Indonesia”, 51 of the best writings have been selected and compiled into a book titled "Harta Karun Indonesia". A total of 2,000 copies will be distributed to schools throughout Indonesia. "We hope this book will inspire students to continue writing," according to Adi. The launch of the Indonesian Treasure book coincided with the MURI record certificate presentation at SDN 10 Kebon Jeruk, attended by Widyaprada Ahli Madya from the Directorate of Primary Schools at the Ministry of Education and Culture, Sugiyanto, students of SDN 10 Kebon Jeruk, teachers, Mr. Mudofar as the school principal, representatives of parents, educational practitioner Shahnaz Haque, and accompanied by young singer Chico Radella.

Dr. Sugiyanto, S.IP., as Widyaprada Ahli Madya from the Directorate of Primary Schools at the Ministry of Education and Culture, responded positively to the Handwriting Writing Competition with the theme "Indonesian Treasure". He noted that handwriting can train children's writing neatness and focus. "We hope that all children won't become complacent quickly. They should continue listening to advice in order to improve their future works. Let's encourage children to love their creations. We believe that with knowledge, one can conquer the world. The Triad of Education (school, parents, and community) collaborates to ensure children receive optimal benefits and advantages," Sugiyanto stated.

Stefanie Augustin, Founder of CIA Magazine, expressed full support and high appreciation for SiDU as the initiator of this activity. The ability of handwriting is an integral part of strengthening children's literacy. "This is something important and needs to be consistently pursued," she said.

SiDU is a brand of notebooks produced by APP Sinar Mas. SiDU has been accompanying children's activities in Indonesia for over three decades. SiDU notebooks offer various advantages, such as diverse cover designs, clean white paper, and not transparent pages, making writing an enjoyable activity for Indonesian children.

The Ayo Menulis program with SiDU includes various activities, including writing competitions designed to make physical writing on notebook paper an enjoyable activity, motivating Indonesian children to develop their writing skills with enthusiasm. APP Sinar Mas is committed to supporting education and the development of children in Indonesia through sustainable social and environmental programs.


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