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null From Paper to Conservation: APP Sinar Mas' Technology Innovation for a Greener Future

From Paper to Conservation: APP Sinar Mas' Technology Innovation for a Greener Future

JAKARTA - In the midst of increasingly worrying information about the impact of climate change, APP Sinar Mas is demonstrating proactive steps on how companies are transforming to become pioneers in sustainability and how technology is key in their efforts. APP Sinar Mas takes advantage of technological advances in the production process from upstream to downstream so as to provide real support for reducing emissions which is the government's concern.

This was conveyed by Elim Sritaba, Chief Sustainability Officer of APP Sinar Mas through a presentation on "Technology Optimization as the Spearhead in Fighting Climate Change" in the "Warta Ekonomi Sustainability & Inclusivity Conference 2023: Refocusing and Reintegrating Sustainability Frameworks Toward Inclusive Economies and Resilient Growth" activity which held by Warta Ekonomi on August 29, 2023.

Elim emphasized that in dealing with climate change issues, APP Sinar Mas ensures that all of its raw materials are sourced in a sustainable way, promoting responsible forestry and reducing environmental impacts. In addition, not only energy efficiency but efforts to ensure water use and waste management are the main concerns that are processed by considering the circular economy as a climate mitigation effort.

"In the field of green energy, one of our newest factories already uses more than 95% of biomass as fuel for energy production," said Elim. In addition, APP Sinar Mas introduced biodegradable products such as FOOPAK Bio Natura which is proof of APP Sinar Mas' dedication to innovating environmentally friendly products.

Elim added, that more than 600,000 hectares of High Conservation Value (HCV) and High Carbon Stock (HCS) land had been allocated for conservation, with ongoing restoration efforts as stored carbon stocks and technological interventions were also used to increase efficiency with data collection including monitoring. automatic from water table sensors and centralized monitoring dashboard.

“Community involvement is also a priority. Through various development projects in more than 421 villages, APP Sinar Mas focuses on forest protection education and empowering local communities. We at APP Sinar Mas are fully aware of our responsibility to overcome the challenge of global climate change. With SRV 2030 and our ESG Policy, we are committed to creating a greener and more sustainable future as a contribution to achieving NDC and also investing in future generations," said Elim.

In closing, APP Sinar Mas invites all stakeholders, business partners and consumers to jointly contribute and support this ongoing effort for a better future for our planet.


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