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null Earth Day 2020

Earth Day 2020


With the dramatic reduction in car traffic and commercial flights during COVID-19 carbon emissions have been falling around the globe. Columbia University research showed that the global carbon emission dropped 50% because of the country's lockdown. While Large-scale Social Restrictions in several cities in Indonesia is proven to improve the air quality. 

We can also contribute to reducing the carbon emission while #StayAtHome by sorting our household waste into at least two categories. Sorting the organic waste from food waste. By adding it with a bio activator, you can get compost for your garden.

Gather the inorganic waste in the same place and sort which one is recyclable or reuses later and which one is not. Most of our inorganic waste is from the food packaging waste, that is why it is important go choose eco-friendly food packaging such as Klikpak Bio Natura for our take out.

Let's keep our environment clean especially when we are working from home. Our simple action now for a better tomorrow. 

#GrowingOurTomorrow #GreenHabit

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