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null Congratulation to best culture story winners

Congratulation to best culture story winners


The road to success is not easy to navigate but with hard work and also the spirit to never give up will enable us to achieve our goal. Septi Mulyasari and Dhimas Suluh Minanto are the stories behind hard work and perseverance in their line of duty. 

Septi who received a full scholarship from APP Sinar Mas to study at the Pulp & Paper Technology Academy, Bandung started her career at PT Pindo Deli in October 2014, as a Chemical Trial Analyst in the Quality Control (QC) laboratory unit. 

At the beginning, She had difficulty experimenting with the chemical materials. But the APP's cultural values ​​help her to stay enthusiastic and never give up.  

While Dhimas who joined PT PindoDeli 1 Karawang in 2011 was responsible for Paper Machine 1 and 2, not only hardworking but he also paid attention to small details such as cleaning up the production waste. He was known for his initiative. In 2018 he was promoted as Paper Machine 3 unit head and succeeded to lead his team in increasing the production volume. 

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