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null Closing of the Kampus Merdeka x APP Sinar Mas Program (Batch 3)

Closing of the Kampus Merdeka x APP Sinar Mas Program (Batch 3)

In supporting the government to develop education in Indonesia, Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) Sinar Mas took part in the Merdeka Belajar - Kampus Merdeka (MBKM) program under the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (Kemendikbudristek). Started in August 2022, the Kampus Merdeka x APP Sinar Mas program has now reached the end with a closing ceremony held at PT Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper Tbk - Tangerang Mill on Thursday, 22 December 2022.

The offboarding event was attended by Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) APP Sinar Mas Marcus L. Budimulia, who conveyed messages for participants in their career pursuit and education completion. Several mentors from various divisions also came to share their impressions and messages to participants who had worked together at APP Sinar Mas. From their point of view, the participants have been good apprentices, quick in responding to every task, and are logical in processing problems to bring satisfactory results.

Testimonies: Workplace Experience

After approximately 4 months of internship in the Kampus Merdeka x APP Sinar Mas program, the participants shared their testimonies. Participants have been placed in 6 APP Sinar Mas divisions, which are Tissue Business Unit, Paper Business Unit, Information Technology (IT), Purchasing, Human Resources (HR), and Forestry.

Several participants stated that they needed time to adjust when they first entered the workplace. Over time, the participants were able to adapt to the work environment at APP Sinar Mas and were trusted to manage large projects with regular guidance from mentors. The valuable experience they received can be seen from various aspects. In terms of knowledge, they now know more about the pulp and paper industry; starting from the product variations, production, to distribution and business processes. Work procedures and corporate culture are also memorable lessons, especially for participants in the HR division.

According to the participants, the most noticeable difference between studying on campus and doing work is the soft skills. This experience has introduced them to many soft skills, such as the ability to work together in a team, communicate well, manage time efficiently, and many more. Through interactions with mentors and colleagues in the office, participants can develop into better individuals.

Entering a New Chapter

This batch of Kampus Merdeka x APP Sinar Mas program ends in December 2022. However, the journey with APP Sinar Mas will continue for several participants who are about to enter the Management Trainee (MT) program, extend their apprenticeship period, and even become employees.

At this closing event, participants had the last chance to exchange stories and experiences before continuing their respective journeys. The event, which was organized by the participants, also included games and appreciation. A total of 3 participants received appreciation as the Best Participants based on the assessment of the mentor and facilitator on the performance, presence, and attitude of the participants throughout the program.

The MBKM program is a good opportunity for students to be able to learn and develop themselves through activities outside the lecture class by going directly into the industrial world. This program also opens opportunities for APP Sinar Mas to introduce pulp and paper products, the Company's work culture, as well as programs available to students and recent graduates.

The third batch of the MKBM program is the first experience for APP Sinar Mas to join. It is not only the participants who has learned and took notes from this program, but also the Company along with the facilitators and mentors involved.

This internship experience allows each of us to grow and be better in the future. May every good experience be an example and reference, while every unpleasant experience be a lesson. Good luck for the future!

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