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null APP Sinar Mas Commits to Developing Young Indonesian Talents

APP Sinar Mas Commits to Developing Young Indonesian Talents

Jakarta, August 15, 2023 - APP Sinar Mas is committed to nurturing young talents through various career development programs for Fresh Graduates and Active Students, including the Management Trainee Program and the Merdeka Internship Program - Learning Campus Merdeka.

In an effort to support the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology's (Kemendikbudristek) Merdeka Belajar - Kampus Merdeka (Freedom of Learning - Freedom Campus) program, Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) Sinar Mas reaffirms its commitment to fostering young Indonesian talents.

In collaboration with Kemendikbudristek's Merdeka Belajar - Kampus Merdeka initiative, this time APP Sinar Mas has selected 62 students out of 5213 applicants to gain deeper insights into the pulp & paper industry through the Leadership Collaboration Program.

"As part of our commitment to supporting the development of Indonesia's human resources, we are pleased to participate once again in this program," said Director of APP Sinar Mas, Suhendra Wiriadinata. "We believe that through this program, students will not only gain valuable work experience but also a profound understanding of the importance of sustainable industries," he added.

Suhendra also emphasized the importance of collaboration between industry and education. "We recognize that young talents are the key to the future of our industry. Therefore, we provide them with opportunities to engage directly in real projects, receive mentorship from experts in the field, and build a professional network that will support their careers in the future," said Suhendra.

One of the internship participants, Theresa Aurel Tanuwidjaya from Parahyangan Catholic University, is very enthusiastic about participating in the onboarding internship program at APP Sinar Mas. "Here, I can expand my network through friends who are part of the Kampus Merdeka program, as well as gain new knowledge about APP Sinar Mas itself, especially in the field of sustainability. I also hope that by joining this program, I can broaden my network and support my future career," she said.

Career Opportunities


From Batch 3 three years ago, where 98% of the 44 internship students expressed their satisfaction and planned to return to APP Sinar Mas, several have successfully built careers at APP Sinar Mas, including:

Some internship participants have joined as Management Trainees in various Business Units of APP Sinar Mas.

Outstanding internship participants were hired as Permanent Employees after completing their internship period.

And some internship participants extended their internships in various Departments.

In addition to the Merdeka Belajar - Kampus Merdeka program, Asia Pulp & Paper Sinar Mas also demonstrates its commitment through the Management Trainee Program, having successfully recruited 60 Young Talents from various universities, both domestic and foreign.

In the Management Trainee Program, participants will undergo a 2-year learning journey to be prepared as Future Leaders in the Pulp and Paper Industry.

The Management Trainee Program will be held annually to showcase APP Sinar Mas's commitment to the development of human resources, especially Young Talents of Indonesia.

Head of Academy at APP Sinar Mas, Norman Firmansyah, revealed, "Internship participants and Trainees will be directly involved in projects and receive mentorship from experts in their fields. We hope they can seize this opportunity to develop and become future leaders in the pulp & paper industry."

"We hope that through this program, APP Sinar Mas can make a tangible contribution to shaping future leaders who possess integrity, dedication, and a commitment to sustainable development," explained Norman.

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