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null Challenged to Keep Learning with the MT Program

Challenged to Keep Learning with the MT Program

As an effort to prepare the best talents to become future leaders, Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) Sinar Mas is holding the Management Trainee (MT) program. The first batch of APP Sinar Mas’ MT program began on January 2021, where the program marked its end with a Graduation Ceremony which took place at Sinarmas Land Plaza, Thamrin on Thursday, 9 February 2023.

The Chosen Participants

Of the 2,000 applicants in the beginning of the program, currently 29 MT have successfully completed the program and will start a new chapter at APP Sinar Mas as future leaders. The graduates have carried out 4 semesters of learning and practical work in each division, including the Business Unit (BU), Tissue Business Unit (TBU), Sustainability, Procurement, MBOS, Logistics, Information Technology (IT), and Internal Audit.

APP Sinar Mas’ MT program emphasizes the role of the younger generation as leaders and preparing them with the essential skills. During the program period, participants are trained to continue to grow, develop, and be able to face any challenges that exist in the professional world.

Management Trainee Graduation Day

The MT Graduation Day was opened by Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) APP Sinar Mas Marcus L. Budimulia and attended by division heads, such as Chief Sustainability Officer APP Sinar Mas Elim Sritaba, Head APP Academy Norman Firmansyah, Head Logistics Division Agnes Phoa, MBOS Global Head Arman Dwiartono, and other division heads, as well as MT graduates and mentors who were previously appointed to assist participants during the program.

When opening the event, Marcus Budimulia expressed his appreciation to the MTs who had successfully completed the program which lasted for 2 years.

“Our passion is to help young talents because at the end of the day, we have to build successors too. Stay close and respect your leaders, maintain good communication. Congratulations, enjoy the moment!” Marcus Budimulia remarked to the MT graduates.

During the event, division heads and mentors also conveyed their messages to the MT graduates. One important note taken from the learning journey is to always be open minded in dealing with challenges and dynamic changes in the workplace.

“We move together to find strategies, seek answers, and keep innovating in our roles. We build, not only within APP, but also contributing to the community. Keep your spirits up, don’t limit what you can learn so you can be a great leader for APP, Indonesia, and the world,” Elim Sritaba said in her Graduation Message.

Aside from the graduation trophies, Top 3 Performers from the MT Program are also awarded for their performance. This award is based on the training and assessment score throughout the program as well as their final presentation.

At APP Sinar Mas, everyone has the same opportunity to learn. This is realized through APP Academy and its various existing programs, including the MT program. APP Academy encourages maximum potential development to become leaders with three main values (3E), which consist of Experience, Exposure, and Education.

Until now, APP Sinar Mas’ MT program has been going for 2 years and will enter a new batch on this coming March 2023. Going forward, this program will keep going while continuously improving with the best young people in their fields.

Congratulations on starting a new chapter at APP Sinar Mas to the MT graduates of batch 1!

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