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null ASTAR System Launch: Enhancing APP HR System

ASTAR System Launch: Enhancing APP HR System

Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) Sinar Mas in collaboration with PwC Southeast Asia Consulting (PwC SEAC) and SAP Southeast Asia held a virtual ASTAR Project System Launch, which marked the application of ASTAR Project system in APP Sinar Mas.

ASTAR (APP Strong Organization, Talented People, Agile & Result oriented) is an SAP SuccessFactors-based system aims at transforming APP Sinar Mas HR processes through a centralized and integrated and cloud-based system that can be accessed anytime and anywhere via internet.

In this event, two ASTAR Project modules; Learning Management System (LMS) and Succession & Career Development Plan (SCDP) were officially launched. LMS is an all-in-one online learning management module used to register, track, monitor activities, and manage training programs. Meanwhile, SCDP is a module which helps leaders to identify and develop the talent needed to improve organization strength. SCDP also provide insights required for effective succession to support company’s future growth in the long run.

[How can ASTAR elevate the talents of APP Sinar Mas to the next level?]

An organization’s infrastructure is only as strong as the people behind it. ASTAR with a data-driven system will assist APP Sinar Mas in achieving this goal and be the beginning of realizing the Digital HR Transformation at APP Sinar Mas, to drive more positive impact on talent management and employee experience.

[What is next for ASTAR?]

The use of the ASTAR Project in the future is expected to be fully utilized by all employees, especially the leaders, so that this can assist in the development of the capabilities and capacity of the team.

The ASTAR Project team is committed to support HR teams all over APP Sinar Mas in performing communication and socialization activities aimed to ensure quick understanding and usage of the system, in respective business units and all locations.

Following ASTAR’s System Launch, the LMS and SCDP modules are open to be accessed by all entitled users. The next phase would be the activation of the Performance Management & Goal Management (PMGM) module. Click here to find more about ASTAR Project: (APP employee only)

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