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null ASTAR Project: New Platform to Support Performance Management and KPI in APP Sinar Mas

ASTAR Project: New Platform to Support Performance Management and KPI in APP

Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) Sinar Mas in collaboration with PwC Southeast Asia Consulting and SAP Southeast Asia held a virtual launch of the Performance & Goal Management (PMGM) module on Thursday, 12 May 2022.

Performance & Goal Management (PMGM) is the third module of SAP SuccessFactors-based ASTAR Project after Learning Management System (LMS) and Succession & Career Development Plan (SCDP) to support an advanced, integrated, and centralized performance measurement at APP Sinar Mas.

Performance management using PMGM is a crucial element in HR management, specifically to the talent management of APP Sinar Mas. A measured, specific performance management system will help the Organization in identifying and developing top talents whose role will be instrumental in the success of its long-term strategy, as well ensuring fairness and objectivity in dispensing remuneration-related recognition such as salary increment, bonus, promotion, etc.

Set and Track Performance Throughout the Year

As a performance management module, PMGM provides functions for employees to set the type, weightage, and target for their KPIs in a single specialized KPI Plan form. The KPI Plan also has a KPI cascading option which managers and matrix managers can use to ensure alignment of KPI creation across their respective teams.

To ensure its suitability with their roles and responsibilities, employees must request approval of their KPI Plan to their respective manager and matrix manager (if any). The approved KPI Plan can then be set and tracked anytime for the remainder of the year.

Continuous Performance Management

PMGM comes with a Continuous Performance Management (CPM) feature, which enables employees to monitor their performance all year long as opposed to being restricted within certain timeframes.

The CPM feature can foster coaching culture by giving APP Sinar Mas employees the freedom to add and update activities related to their role all year long.

Through a structured grouping of activities, managers as coaches can identify the strengths and improvement areas of the employees from each activity that they have participated in. Hence CPM will make it easier for managers to give concrete, detailed, and measurable feedback.

Comprehensive Feedback

The PMGM module offers further enhancement to the 360 Assessment-based Leadership Survey. Two types of Leadership Surveys are available in PMGM which can be utilized as additional data in employee evaluation. Eligible feedback givers in the Leadership Survey include employees (self), managers, peers, and subordinates.

With PMGM, the HR team can readily monitor the completion rate of Leadership Survey in a highly visualized and interactive dashboard. In addition to serving as supporting material for presentation needs, the dashboard will assist the HR team in performing follow up actions to relevant parties and ensure that feedback can be given in a punctual manner.


ASTAR Project’s PMGM module also has a calibration feature to facilitate the decision of final rating at the end of the year.

Calibration involves managers, department heads, and People Committee in APP Sinar Mas. From a process perspective, managers will assign preliminary ratings which will be subject to further review by the department head and finalized by the People Committee.

The calibration feature is integrated with other features of PMGM such as Employee Profile and CPM’s Achievement, providing convenience for calibration facilitators in accessing these data when needed. Furthermore, the calibration system has been aligned with existing SOP at APP Sinar Mas to ensure a calibration process that is both structured and accountable.

PMGM and other ASTAR modules can be accessed here:

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