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null Reduce electricity and love the earth

Reduce electricity and love the earth

Institute for Essential Service Reform (IESR) stated that Indonesia has GHG emissions 15% higher than the average of the G20 countries which is around 9.2 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year. Because of this, Indonesia government has pledged to reduce it 29% by 2030.

But do you know that most of carbon dioxide emissions come from our electricity? Yes that right, Indonesia's Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources noted that in 2019, 60% of the main source of electricity that we use comes from coal that produces carbon dioxide, while almost half of the total electricity users in Indonesia come from the household sector.

It means we have to join and help the government to reduce GHG emission, but how can we do it? You can start by doing this simple things :
- Unplug the charger after finished
- Turn off the lights when you leave your room/ house
- Use electricity / LED lighting
- Close the refrigerator tightly
- Set the air conditioner / air conditioner at a temperature of 24 degrees
- Turn off the air conditioner / AC when the room is not used
- Turn off the television when not in use

Show your love to mother earth by practicing this simple step, not only will we be able to reduce global warming, it will help us save money as well by reducing our electricity bill. Let's join together for #GrowingOurTomorrow

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