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null Protecting the Big Cats with Collective Actions

Protecting the Big Cats with Collective Actions

We, humans, need tigers roaming around in the forests if we want to maintain our quality of life. Why? Because our air, water, and climate are significantly affected by the forests, and the balance of the ecosystem relies heavily upon these apex predators in the food chain.

The irony is human-wildlife conflicts, poaching, and trafficking remain as three of the most critical threats faced by Sumatran tigers today. With a population of only around 600, they might soon go extinct unless we do something about it.

That’s why we took part in Operation Sisir Jerat (Trap Sweeping) in Musi Banyuasin Regency, South Sumatra, on 15-19 of July. This effort also coincides with National Nature Conservation Day and Global Tiger Day 2019 that are held annually in the month. Our supplier partner, PT Tripupa Jaya, cooperated with Forum Harimau Kita, Tiger Heart Jambi, and Berbak and Sembilang National Park in this government-initiated exercise. During their patrol, the team secured several meshes and stripped some illegal huts allegedly used by poachers.

The work never stops. Our units from PT Tripupa Jaya will continue to patrol regularly to safeguard the tigers. Here at APP Sinar Mas, we believe conserving these majestic big cats is not only about saving animals, but it’s also about us.

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