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null Forest Conservation Policy (FCP)

Forest Conservation Policy (FCP)

1. What is the FCP?

The FCP is a set of policies that govern APP’s approach to sustainable and responsible practices, implemented on 1st February 2013. The FCP included a moratorium on all-natural forest clearance by suppliers and required large-scale High Conservation Value (HCV) and High Carbon Stock (HCS) assessments to identify natural forest and other important areas for protection. 

The FCP sets out four main policy commitments that cover:

  • Protecting Natural Forests
  • Peatland Management
  • Social Commitments
  • Responsible Global Supply Chain

2. Why did APP create the FCP?

Over the last decade, there was growing awareness of the environmental and social costs of development through the exploitation of natural resources. This realisation led us down a new path that balanced our economic model with our responsibilities as stewards of the land and our obligation to support the economic development of Indonesia and its people. 

This resulted in the development of our Sustainability Roadmap Vision 2020 in June 2012, which laid out specific targets and components. The FCP is a cornerstone of the Sustainability Roadmap Vision 2020

3. Does the Forest Conservation Policy mean for APP?

The Policy represents a significant milestone and progress towards ensuring conservation of Indonesia’s forests. We hope that all stakeholders will recognise the progress we are making and work with us on its implementation. We are very aware that we have a long and challenging journey ahead to ensure that our sustainability commitments are implemented. We cannot succeed alone. We will need the help and support of many of our stakeholders, including those in civil society who at times in the past have been heavily critical of our company. We know it will take time to demonstrate to some that APP is delivering on these commitments, but we are determined to succeed.

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