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null Management Trainee Batch 3 Program: A Start for APP Sinar Mas Future Leaders

Management Trainee Batch 3 Program: A Start for APP Sinar Mas Future Leaders

The Chosen Participants

Out of 24,000 applicants when the program was initially opened, a total of 58 selected employees will undergo a learning period and participate in projects at APP for a duration of 2 years in each division, such as in the Tissue Business Unit (TBU), SMF Audit, Automation, BU, Capex Procurement, Finance, MBOS, HR, IT, SPD, and SSE divisions.

APP Sinar Mas’ MT program emphasizes the role of the younger generation as leaders and prepares them with the essential skills. During the program period, participants are trained to continue to grow, develop, and be able to face any challenges that exist in the professional world.

MT 2023 Onboarding - Humility, Agility, and Maturity as the Key Factors to Success

The MT Batch 3 Onboarding event was attended by APP Sinar Mas Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) Marcus L. Budimulia, Head of APP Academy Norman Firmansyah, and Head of HRHQ & COE HRBP International Branch Deniece Chan Pai Eng.

When opening the event, Marcus Budimulia conveyed his message to the MT Batch 3 participants.

"For a Management Trainee at APP Sinar Mas, it is crucial to apply Humility, Agility, and Maturity (HAM) when embarking on their career journey here," conveyed Marcus Budimulia to the MTs.

Humility, Agility, and Maturity are the main assets for employees to develop themselves, personally and professionally.

With Humility, a person will realize their role as social creatures that need other people, therefore they will try to build harmonious relationships and maintain good teamwork. Humility also motivates individuals to learn and are open to critics and inputs from others.

Agility includes a person’s ability to think, solve problems, and creativity that help them in completing various jobs in various situations deftly.

Meanwhile, Maturity in work is a person's ability to appreciate various backgrounds and situations that exist in the work environment. With Maturity, a person will make judgments based on consensus supported by facts, not emotions or instincts.

Two Insightful, Informative, and Educative Weeks

The MT Onboarding activity is a moment to prepare future leaders of APP Sinar Mas. Therefore, for two weeks (August 1-11, 2023), the MT participants have undergone an induction about work culture at APP Sinar Mas, various work functions within the company, product knowledge, and the production process of pulp & paper making. All participants had the opportunity to learn from experts in their respective fields.

Not only that, the MTs also participated in the Outdoor Experiential Learning that took place at Talaga Cikeas, Sentul. All MTs participated in various games and fun activities that strengthened team bonding, which is hoped to continue into the work environment.

Impressions from Participants

"The Management Trainee Onboarding at APP Sinar Mas is exciting, enjoyable, and interactive! It's totally different from typical onboarding activities," exclaimed Muhammad Rahadiansyah.

"We received a lot of soft skills knowledge and materials related to company, including processes and products," Beatrix Theodor Valentia.

At APP Sinar Mas, everyone has the same opportunity to learn. This is realized through APP Academy and its various existing programs, including the MT program. APP Academy encourages maximum potential development to become leaders with three main values (3E), which consist of Experience, Exposure, and Education.

Congratulations on starting a new chapter at APP Sinar Mas to the MT Batch 3 participants!

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