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null Prayer for Rain and Collective Blessings to Request Rain and Prevent Forest Fires

Prayer for Rain and Collective Blessings to Request Rain and Prevent Forest Fires

  1. Prayer for Rain Held at IKPP-Serang Mill

The prolonged dry season currently affecting the region has prompted various members of the community, including the employees of PT. Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper (IKPP) - Serang Mill, to organize an Istisqa prayer at the Jami'ul Qowi Mosque field of PT. IKPP - Serang Mill in Serang, Banten, on Friday (September 15, 2023). Istisqa prayer signifies a plea to the Almighty for rainfall.

Dani Kusumah, the Public Relations Officer of IKPP-Serang Mill, conveyed that this prayer was conducted after more than a month of severe drought in the Banten region, especially in Serang Regency. "This activity is a joint initiative involving management, labor unions, and the mosque council (DKM), as the drought has been spreading and causing increasing concern," he said.

In addition to praying for rain, clean water assistance was also distributed to the communities affected by the drought.

  1. Collective Prayer for Rain in South Sumatra

The South Sumatra Provincial Government, in collaboration with Pesantren Aulia Cendekia, the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD), APP Sinar Mas, and its supplier partners, organized a collective prayer for rain at the Pesantren Aulia Cendekia C Campus in Palembang on Wednesday (September 20, 2023).

During this event, books on the environment and forest fire prevention were symbolically handed over to the Indonesian National Army (TNI), the National Police (POLRI), BPBD, the Forestry Department, and the pesantren. This book is an initiative of APP Sinar Mas and its supplier partners in South Sumatra, in collaboration with Pesantren Aulia Cendekia and other relevant institutions.

Iwan Setiawan, representing APP Sinar Mas supplier partners in OKI, stated that the book aims to encourage the community to refrain from engaging in forest and land burning. "We hope that the mosque preachers can inspire the community to prevent forest fires, which have adverse effects on air quality, the economy, and public health," Iwan concluded.

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