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How You Can Grow Your Career at APP

Do you want to craft your career in a multinational company with a culturally diverse and friendly setting? Here at Asia Pulp & Paper, we believe that a sustainable future can only be achieved collectively, and a company is only great because of its employees. So we invest and take a long term approach in nurturing the corporate culture across our business, encouraging employees to be creative and making sure that they understand how their success can make a difference. 

As part of the company, you will work in a warm, discrimination-free environment and entitled to grow through a variety of development programs that will nurture you to fulfill your potential. We encourage our employees to be not easily satisfied with their career progress and facilitate them to build on their competence, technical skills, management skills, and leadership through the APP Academy. 

The academy is meant to develop your higher potentials and build cadres of inspirational leaders of change and transformation. It consists of three exciting schools in which you can grow by learning leadership, technical, and functional programs. In APP Leadership School, you can learn a series of leadership layer development and critical subjects such as on-boarding and other fundamental learning programs. Meanwhile, in the Marketing & Sales School and the Pulp & Paper Production School, you can enhance your functional and technical skills.

Training programs in the academy are not only focused on talent and competence development that can be useful for you in the workplace but also the preparation for later stages of your career. For instance, we provide retiring employees with training programs on farming techniques, entrepreneurship, animal husbandry, craftsmanship, and domestic industry so they can keep up with their desire to stay productive. 

And besides the meticulously designed career development programs, we also offer exceptional remuneration and benefits like annual leave, pregnancy leave, spouse leave, health insurance, and pension for all our permanent employees.

We believe that these initiatives will help you not only to keep up to the challenges but surpass them. So are you ready for the challenge? Explore available opportunities here at our career page, and let's grow together for a better tomorrow!

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