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null Fostering business and household resilience in the new normal

Fostering business and household resilience in the new normal

As a multinational company, Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) Sinar Mas strives to continue to meet the needs of innovative products for the community amid the COVID19 pandemic. APP Sinar Mas also keeps our commitment to empowering people within the concession area through DMPA.

Those topics were discussed at the webinar: #SaveTalk Vol. 01 with Save the Children Indonesia last Tuesday. Deputy Head of Global Communications Lia Mariani shared how APP Sinar Mas is adapting and innovating in these new normal phases.

"There are some changes prior to follow the health protocol, not only at our HQ offices but all operational areas such as Mills and Forestry. But, we still and will always keep the commitment to enforce providing and improving people's lives," she said.

She added, APP Sinar Mas specifically conducted women empowerment programs around the concession area as they are capable to improve their household resilience. One of the best selling products from the housewives is the red ginger product whose demand has increased rapidly during COVID19 as people use it as a health supplement.

The demand for hygiene products also increased in this pandemic. To that end, APP Sinar Mas enlarges tissue production capacity by 25% and also starts producing surgical masks.

Lia also said that this new normal adaption is not only done in terms of business but also how some employees adjusting to working from home. "We have to shift the atmosphere at home so that we can work productively, but also we need to be creative on how we still have to educate our children. This COVID19 has surely challenged everyone, but with the spirit of never give up we can get our better tomorrow," she explained.

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