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null Cross-Generation: Women of APP & Their Inspiring Stories

Cross-Generation: Women of APP & Their Inspiring Stories

In commemorating this year’s International Women’s Day, the team at Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) Sinar Mas invited three women from different departments and years of service to take part in our interactive talk show. By taking turns to draw a discussion topic, they will share their thoughts, perspectives, and also personal experiences – all while having great fun in their conversation.

Let’s get to know our guests!

First, there is Lily Yulianingsih who is working as a Public Affairs in the Sustainability Department in PT Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper Tbk (IKPP) – Tangerang Mill. By July 2023, she will be celebrating her sweet 17 in APP Sinar Mas. Our second guest is Veronika Renyaan from the Sustainability & Stakeholders Engagement (SSE) Division, who has worked in APP Sinar Mas for 11 years (going 12). Last but not least, we invited Claudia Paracu, who goes by ‘Ody’, from the Logistics Division. Working in APP for two years, she was part of the graduates from the first batch of APP Sinar Mas’ Management Trainee (MT) program.

The Multirole of Women – Balancing Life & Work

As career women, all three of them agreed that work life must be separated from personal life. Claudia shared her perspective, where she balanced her life by dividing her time outside of work to have some rest, reset the mind, as well as exercise. For Lily, she noted that it’s important to focus and give our all at work, but it’s just as important to give our all at home. As a wife, she still has responsibilities around household management. Veronika added on the power of hobbies, which can be a great thing to focus on outside of work.

All in all, we can learn that having time to reset is essential. It may be a simple ‘me time’ or some quality time with loved ones, whichever way that can recharge ourselves. Apart from that, it’s just as crucial to keep a comfortable environment at work, as we will undeniably be spending a lot of time there.

Women Support Women

As a movement, women support women aims to increase the solidarity among women. Veronika agreed on the positivity that this movement promotes, while adding that she personally feels that as people, we should support everyone.

"Women support women means that we have to be able to move forward together, be better in life together. Even though we have different stories, we must embrace each other,” said Lily passionately.

Claudia also shared practical ways to implement this movement. When we see a woman who is struggling, it should be more relatable as a fellow woman to help during hard times.

Innovating for Better Gender Equality

Gender equality is not something that can be achieved in a blink of an eye. Claudia reflected on starting the change from within herself. As a woman, she voices out her opinions and encourages others to speak up as well.

“We have to keep learning and improve ourselves. Then, we can inspire people to do the same as we do,” Veronika remarked.

Lily agreed and shared how the projects that she has been handling truly cares about gender equality. “By aligning with APP Sinar Mas’ Sustainability Roadmap Vision (SRV) 2030, we provide wide opportunities through our CSR programs to improve skills. We invite local women from surrounding communities to participate, to shine, and to have higher self-confidence,” Lily explained.

Growing in APP

All three women agreed that their first day in APP Sinar Mas was filled with positivity. For Veronika, the notable thing throughout her journey with APP Sinar Mas is the never-ending innovations. She also noted that the Company truly cares about Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) policies and runs all operations while implementing its principles.

Throughout 17 years of her career in APP Sinar Mas, Lily realized that she has to act as owner. While she is proud to be part of the Company, she makes it part of her responsibility to maintain the Company so that it can develop more sustainably, with better operations and programs that can benefit the society. Lily and Veronika had the same take that their role requires them to master and hone their communication skills.

"Since working in Logistics, I have learned the significance of critical thinking and fast thinking. When there is a problem, we must find a way and a solution,” Claudia shared her perspective. “In APP Sinar Mas, there is always continuous improvement. We must keep moving because the world is dynamic and cannot stop. We must be adaptable,” she added.

On this International Women’s Day, let’s celebrate the extraordinary women in our lives. We all have a part to play to realize gender equality through innovations and supportive actions – for a better us, for a better future.

Watch the full video of their inspiring conversation here:


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