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null Collaborative action for mangrove conservation with YKAN, APP Group, Temasek and UBS 

Collaborative action for mangrove conservation with YKAN, APP Group, Temasek and UBS 

APP Group, with its commitment to sustainability, recently visited the site of its collaborative effort with YKAN (Yayasan Konservasi Alam Nusantara), Temasek, and UBS to nurture the mangroves that stand tall along the Ogan Komering Ilir (OKI) Regency. The initiative, spanning from 2021 to 2024, embodies a holistic approach to coastal conservation. YKAN, under the leadership of Dr. Herlina Hartanto, steers the ship, implementing a plan that is aimed not just at planting mangroves but also at cultivating sustainable livelihoods for coastal communities.  

The project's four outcomes form the compass guiding their collective efforts: an integrated coastal management plan, its implementation, empowerment of coastal communities, and fostering public awareness. 

In line with this, the team landed in the OKI region earlier this month for a mangrove planting event. The delegation, including APP’s head of Landscape Conservation & Environment Jasmine Doloksaribu and representatives from Temasek, began their journey to witness firsthand the impact of their efforts. 

Their first stop was the Musi River Basin Management Office (BPDAS), where they met Pak Sulthani Aziz, the head of the office. This office is a unit under the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MoEF) that is responsible for the protection and restoration of state forests, including mangroves. Pak Aziz acknowledged the challenges of mangrove conservation and commended YKAN for its community-centric approach. He emphasised that the true hurdle lies not in methodologies but in community education. 

Moving deeper into the region, the team visited Simpang Tiga Jaya village, the heart of YKAN's SECURE method application. This innovative approach, integrating mangrove-shrimp aquaculture, aimed at both economic prosperity and environmental restoration. Ponds owned by locals like Pak Dedi and Haji Juma became living laboratories, showcasing the challenges and triumphs of the SECURE method. Water management seemed to be a common obstacle, but the enthusiasm of the fish farmers and their dedication to sustainability were unwavering. 

The journey extended to the local school SDN 1 Sungai Lumpur, where Mrs. Damayanti, one of the teachers, shared the impact of YKAN's campaign and education initiatives. Students are now equipped to identify the rich biodiversity around mangroves, fostering a sense of responsibility for environmental preservation from an early age. 

In the mangrove-rich landscape, these communities found new avenues for economic growth.  

“To be successful, an initiative must touch the hearts of the people, inspire them to take action and become agents of change. They should be proud of those achievements considering the major challenges faced,” Dr. Herlina Hartanto wrote in a LinkedIn post after the trip.  

Her post resonated with Mr. Boon Heong Ng, Temasek's CEO, who acknowledged the delicate balance between mangrove conservation and community livelihoods during his visit. 

The collaborative efforts have culminated in the establishment of the Mangrove Ecosystem Restoration Alliance (MERA). Legalising the South Sumatera Mangrove Task Force, formulating an integrated provincial mangrove management plan, establishing pilot ponds, and supporting social forestry licences are tangible outcomes of their dedication. 

Their efforts are not just about planting mangroves, but about cultivating sustainable change, empowering communities, and forging alliances for a resilient future. 

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