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null Collaboration of Foopak Bio Natura and JumpStart: Joint Initiative for Plastic Waste Reduction

Collaboration of Foopak Bio Natura and JumpStart: Joint Initiative for Plastic Waste Reduction

Jakarta, November 28, 2023 - As part of a shared commitment to the environment, APP Group and JumpStart have launched a product collaboration at Sinar Mas Land Thamrin. This collaboration underscores a joint commitment to supporting the Government's campaign to reduce plastic waste. This initiative introduces the use of Foopak Bio Natura, an environmentally friendly product from APP Group, as a plastic-free paper cup container for smart coffee machine and JumpStart outlet.

Foopak Bio Natura marks a new era in the packaging industry with biodegradable materials. Biodegradable materials are those that can naturally decompose by microorganisms like bacteria, becoming environmentally friendly elements. Foopak Bio Natura, which decomposes within a maximum of 12 weeks, represents an alternative sustainable and eco-friendly packaging product capable of reducing negative impacts on ecosystems.

Christopher Wong, the Industrial White Head of APP, stated during a talk show that Foopak Bio Natura is not just a product but also an answer to the future of packaging. "We merge innovation and environmental responsibility to create effective and sustainable solutions. This collaboration signifies our commitment to the environment and our aspiration to lead in sustainable packaging solutions," Christopher said.

Additionally, Brian Imawan, CEO of JumpStart, shared his perspective on the importance of this collaboration. “At JumpStart, we prioritize customer comfort, convenience, and satisfaction without compromising our responsibility for environmental sustainability. Adopting Foopak Bio Natura demonstrates our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of every coffee cup we serve,” Brian explained.

Brian also added that in the future, the demand for eco-friendly products will increase as people become more aware of the importance of reducing plastic usage, especially in food and beverage packaging. Consequently, indirectly contributes to environmental conservation.

Closing the talk show, APP's Chief Sustainability Officer, Elim Sritaba, revealed APP's vision for sustainability programs. “Foopak Bio Natura is our tangible step in addressing current environmental challenges. We're not only focused on creating environmentally friendly products but also actively working to educate society about the importance of sustainability concepts,” Elim said.

Elim also hopes this initiative will inspire more companies and individuals to join in our commitment to climate change.

Through this collaboration, APP Group and JumpStart hope to make a meaningful impact on the environment and society. This step demonstrates that sustainable efforts and technological innovation can go hand in hand in creating a better, greener, and more sustainable future.

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