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null Best Choice Awards 2020 for IK Yellow

Best Choice Awards 2020 for IK Yellow

IK Yellow, Asia Pulp & Paper multifunction business paper won Best Choice category in The World’s First e-Branding Awards 2020 along with Naturel, Malaysian cooking oil brand. These brands recognised for their strong commitment to branding and realising its vision through innovative and differentiated strategies and initiatives.

The World's First e-branding Awards 2020 inauguration was held in Malaysia in early August. The award celebrates brands that have not only stood strong, but have also reflected their agility and resilience in today’s unprecedented economy and still manage to elevate their brands in both good and challenging times. 

IK Yellow considers the top premium paper in the office and professional printing category. The award also acknowledged it as the first paper company in the world to develop TRUTONE technology, which was considered a breakthrough for inkjet printing. The award also acknowledges IK Yellow leadership strength, commitment, and tenacity in building on the fundamentals of sustainability while managing the challenges. 

APP as the producer of IK Yellow brand is committed to environmental protection and is committed to the continuous protection of Forest, to develop innovative products, and to ensure the  welfare of  employees and the communities.

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