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null Asia Pulp & Paper’s Foopak Bio Natura paperboard creates "One-piece pointed paper straw" winning Multinational Patent with Wang Lai Biotech Co Ltd.

Asia Pulp & Paper’s Foopak Bio Natura paperboard creates "One-piece pointed paper straw" winning Multinational Patent with Wang Lai Biotech Co Ltd.

Indonesia, 19th March 2021 – The rising use of non-environmentally friendly products for the convenience of life has over time caused irreversible damage to the environment. This of course also includes the plastic straws that seem to find their way into the ocean and endangering life in the ocean.

In the effort to provide safe, durable, and non-toxic environmentally friendly straws to replace plastic straws, Asia Pulp & Paper’s (APP) paper board material is being used by Taiwan Wang Lai Biotech Co. Ltd. to develop a “One-piece pointed paper straw”.

The patented straw using the paper board of Asia Pulp and Paper does not contain adhesive, and is not only environmentally friendly but also human friendly. It also eliminates the issue of pulp smell, softening, and disintegration of normal paper straws.

Foopak Bio Natura’s biodegradable raw materials from Asia Pulp and Paper is not only guaranteed for their top-notch quality, but it is the preferred choice for eco-friendly paper straw and proven to be used in any kind of shapes and size. Foopak Bio Natura also has a better water resistance as it was tested and was proved that it does not disintegrate despite being put in water for at least ten hours. Furthermore, it can be lasered with customized corporate logos without having the need to add any plastic, all this whilst maintaining high-standard inspection which meets the EU standards.

Foopak Bio Natura is also proven to compost in a natural compost environment in less than 5 months and receive the TUV OK Home Compost certification. Originally the paper is used for other food and beverage application, such as paper cups, noodle cups, lunch boxes, and other food applications. With the innovation, we can utilize the board for other useful and related applications, such as medical cups, horticultural pots, labels, and paper straw.

“We are seeing a supply chain transformation as Governments, Consumers and Retail Brands are all driving a shift towards sustainable production and product development,” said Christopher Wong, Industrial White Business Unit Head, for Asia Pulp & Paper. “Our approach is to design and deliver both functionality and sustainability, eliminating plastic barriers while maintaining the quality.”

Huang Qisheng, Chairman of Wanglai Biotechnology said: "Asia Pulp & Paper along with the mission of the group management is to practice green cycles and improve the quality of life. While pursuing corporate sustainability, it also integrates social responsibility into the corporate development strategy. Besides, the paper board has been certified by the US FDA, certified by Germany Rheinland – meaning it is fully recyclable, and has no pesticide residues, making it environmentally safe. Also, the successfully developed "one-piece patent" product is manufactured without any adhesion which meets consumer's requirements of non-toxic, safe, and environmentally friendly. "

This enforces the belief that collaborative actions can bring together more people's research and development efforts which will ensure that environmental protection can be truly implemented in daily life and preserve the future of the earth for the next generation.

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