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null APP Sinar Mas to be part of the G20 Empower to support women's participation in the workplace

APP Sinar Mas is taking part of the G20 Empower to support women in the workplace

Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) Sinar Mas participated in the "Senior Leaders' Meeting on Women Empowerment" held by The Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection (KPPPA). This event aims to strengthen the commitment in pursuit of women's empowerment in the professional business sector.

According to the Chief Sustainability Officer APP Sinar Mas, Elim Sritaba, as an effort to support gender equality APP Sinar Mas continue its effort to implement forefront programs to support women empowerment and circular economy, one of the initiatives is the opportunity available on strategic roles for women in the workforce. "The programs and initiatives are not limited only in our internal division as we also striving to empower women who live near the Industrial Forest Plantation (HTI). We help to increase their capacity to help contribute to their family welfare," said Elim.

For example, APP Sinar Mas has collaborated with Martha Tilaar Group and Indonesia Global Compact Network (IGCN) to facilitate at least 1,000 women including housewives who live around the concession area and mills. Helping them to unlock skills and enables alternative livelihoods is also effective in campaigning zero deforestation to their family and people surroundings.

*)this photo taken before the COVID-19 pandemic

Elim stated that APP Sinar Mas as one of the advocates of G20 Empower, will continously support the companies with the same vision to eliminate obstacles while enforcing women's leadership and positive ecosystem in the workplace. APP Sinar Mas is also continue to  increasing the women's proportion by giving them equal opportunities, especially in the area that has been considered as a male domination role. APP Sinar Mas is also committed to increase the composition of women's participation by 30% at the managerial level by 2030, as stated in the Sustainability Roadmap Vision (SRV) 2030.

G20 Empower is an association formed at the G20 Summit 2019 in Osaka, Japan. G20 Empower aims to develop and support private sectors in G20 member countries in identifying challenges in the improvement of women's leadership.

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