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null APP Sinar Mas Launches ATOWN, an Innovative Application to Enhance the Work Experience of the Younger Generation

APP Sinar Mas Launches ATOWN, an Innovative Application to Enhance the Work Experience of the Younger Generation

The young generation (Gen Z and Millennials) are valuable human resources that will dominate the future. Therefore, Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) Sinar Mas has initiated a project called ATOWN. In line with its slogan "Redefining APP Experience," ATOWN is created to provide an interactive and engaging experience to introduce APP Sinar Mas and attract potential young candidates to join the company.

ATOWN is divided into two user-friendly digital products, the Virtual Showroom and the Internal Social Media. ATOWN can be accessed by internal party and external party. The Virtual Showroom is accessible to everyone (internal and external) via the website on any device. Meanwhile, the Internal Social Media can only be accessed by internal party through Android devices.

In the Virtual Showroom (, there are three virtual buildings that can be accessed:

  • APP Hall: It serves as the central information hub about APP, covering everything from news, CSR and sustainability efforts to products and achievements (reflected in APP News Headline, CSR & Sustainability Efforts, About Sinarmas & APP, and Products & Awards).
  • APP Career Fair: It contains various information about APP Sinar Mas factories and available job vacancies.
  • APP Arcade: This is a place for the development and self-improvement of employees (represented in the Theater and Assessment Room).

Meanwhile, the Internal Social Media (( consists of various features, including:

  • Posting: Upload insights and learning outcomes, as well as asking job-related questions.
  • Praise: Praise other employees by using company values, as one way to internalize company values.
  • Quiz of the day: A daily survey that appears on the user's homepage so that users can feel engaged with the social learning application.
  • Gamification: The process of integrating game mechanisms into the program to increase user participation, engagement, and interest (levels, XP, and rewards).
  • Community: Formal and informal communities based on the interests and needs of employees to obtain the latest information and engage in the learning process.
  • Widget: All company systems are stored and integrated to facilitate user access.
  • Personality hint: Each individual can have a user profile linked to a 16 personalities test.

The development of ATOWN was initiated by Corporate Human Resources and involved both internal and external parties. Furthermore, the ATOWN creation process began with the approval of the People Committee in June 2022, followed by concept development in August 2022, and the development for phase 1 was completed in March 2023.

ATOWN Soft Launch: Introducing the Digital Product to Gen Z within the APP Sinar Mas Environment

On September 11, 2023, APP Sinar Mas held the soft launch of ATOWN at Wisma Indah Kiat, Serpong. With the theme 'Festival,' the ATOWN product launch event was named A-Fest, which stands for ATOWN Festival. The event, attended by 175 participants, focused on the younger generation. Moreover, the event was enlivened with various exciting activities, starting from demonstrations of the Virtual Showroom and the Internal Social Media, a 360-degree photobooth, music performances, Zoomoov attractions, and a snack corner.

Through the explanation of ATOWN above, it is hoped that ATOWN users, especially the younger generation, will be assisted to find work experiences and have an enjoyable and spectacular work experience at APP Sinar Mas.

Now, Let’s Redefine APP Experience!

Virtual Showroom:

Internal Social Media:

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