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null 5 Life Hacks for the Best Tissue Paper Experience

5 Life Hacks for the Best Tissue Paper Experience

Judging by how quick toilet paper vanishes off the shelves in many countries around the world during the pandemic, we can safely say that many of us are relying on it heavily every day. No, we’re not going to talk about hoarding issues or anything depressing like that. It’s just fascinating how we often take something for granted and suddenly realize its importance when it’s scarce. Yep, that’s just us, humans.

Have you ever spared a minute or two thinking about the many kinds of tissue paper? We guess not. Well, besides toilet paper, there are also cleaning wipes, facial tissue, paper towels, paper napkins, and others. Yes, we’ve created many iterations of this paper type, and we’ve been using them for good reasons: they are practical, affordable, and even sustainable. If you think about it, tissue paper is one of humanity’s most significant innovations.

You see, we never really think about tissue paper. We just use it until it runs out, buy more, and repeat. But we bet that you’ve wondered about things like how you can save those TPs, why does your pet always ruin them, and other stuff like that at one point in your life. Fret not, because we’re here to tell you that yes, you can improve your day to day experience of using tissue paper. Here are some life hacks that you can use today:


  1. Save those rolls

There are times when you are going through your TP roll faster than usual. Especially during quarantine, when you’re stuck at home with your family, you might even run out of it before you even notice it depleting. But, there’s no need for panic buying or even hoarding. Just flatten your roll into an oval shape and pop it back to the holder. Now it will not spin so quickly, and you will not waste as much when you pull it off. Yep, as simple as that. Save some, win some!


  1. Naughty pets

If you have a pet, whether it is a dog or cat, we’re sure that they love to rip and scatter your precious toilet paper to shreds. We know it’s hard to tell them not to do this absurd (yet probably fun for them) thing, and anger will not help you anyway. But you can tuck the loose hanging piece of your TP sheet into the inner roll to keep it from popping out to your beloved pet’s reach. For other kinds of tissue paper, you can always keep them in a case to achieve the same thing.


  1. Reduce waste

We did say earlier that tissue paper is sustainable, right? However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not generating waste when you use it. Now, this one will add to our last five tips to reduce waste at home: get a multi-ply tissue paper so you won’t need to use a lot of sheets at once. The reason is that multi-ply tissue paper sheets are thicker and thus more absorbent. Paseo has three and four-ply options to get you started, so be sure to check them out and expand your waste reduction efforts now!


  1. Flushable wipes

Did you know that not all kinds of tissue paper are flushable? Some people prefer wipes to toilet paper, but chances are your sewer will be clogged up if you flush them. There’s a workaround, though. Get a cleanser that you can dispense onto a piece of your tissue paper to get the benefits of wipes and flushable TPs at the same time. If you never heard of such a thing, here’s one example.


  1. Toilet Paper Emergency

Running out of toilet paper can be devastating, especially at the moment when you need it. But if you have a kitchen paper towel, then you are saved. Because you can cut it in half and put that in the bathroom, but we would recommend using this hack for an emergency only, as kitchen paper towels are relatively costly, not as soft, and usually not flushable.


There you go, five life hacks that will enhance your day to day experience of using tissue paper. Now that you’re thinking about it, you can also get creative and craft something like what Jian Yang does with his dolls. Whatever you do, whether for daily needs or something artsy, our Paseo brand has many types of tissue paper so you can choose which one that suits you best.

Just visit our products page and search for “Paseo,” and you’ll find all the options there. Stay tuned with APP Stories, and follow our social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more life hacks. See you!

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