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APP Sinar Mas for Better Indonesia #HUT75RI

Let's keep up the spirit and work for the nation.

World Elephant Day 2020!

APP Sinar Mas strives to protect and conserve elephants with many efforts. Currently there are around 100-200 elephants living  in the concession area with one calf born every year. It’s World Elephant Day! Together we can protect the elephants.

Do the right thing, speak up!

Honesty and integrity are by far the most important assets of a person. You can help APP Sinar Mas by reporting fraud or other violation that could affect the company’s reputation and business sustainability.

Let's donate! #FabricMaskerForAll!

Show your love. Share masks for others.

APP Sinar Mas effort to prevent forest and land fire in Jambi Province

The environment ministry’s director for forest and land fire control, Basar Manullang stated that the IFFS program really helps to reduce slash and burn in the areas. You can read the complete story here.

Best Choice Awards 2020 for IK Yellow

IK Yellow paper receives Best Choice award from The World's First e-Branding Awards 2020. Click here for more information.

Tanjung Tapa port open for business

Local government appreciated company investment in building the port and optimist it will increase regional revenue. Watch the video above.

APP Sinar Mas celebrates Eid al-Adha

APP Sinar Mas celebrates Eid Al-Adha by donating 597 cattles to the local communities. Click here for the photos.

Snar Tracking Operation to protect key species

In collaboration with supportive partners, APP Sinar Mas strives to protect key species around the concession area. See the effort to protect these tigers in this video.

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APP Held First SAF Webinar

Launch SRV 2030 and Updated Forest Monitoring Dashboard

Women in forest management

Most of the time, women participation in the forestry sector is still underestimated. Whereas, Women play a significant role to conserve natural forests.