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null Say Goodbye to Printer Paper Jam with SiDU

Say Goodbye to Printer Paper Jam with SiDU

Have you ever screamed at your printer out of frustration? Well, we've all been there, especially when a paper jam happens just before a big deadline, client meeting, or other most inconvenient times. 

But believe it or not, the printer is, in fact, usually the one that screams first by flashing an indicator light when a paper jam occurs. See, this is not your printer's fault. So the next time it happens, don't yell!

Paper jams occur when you don't insert the sheets properly so that they're stuck, folded, or frayed. But if you're careful enough and it still happens, it's most likely because you use low-quality paper.

Have you wondered what happens inside your machine when you use low-quality paper? Unreliable sheets crumble and leave dust particles in the printer all the time. They're so little that you can't see them, but they're there, waiting to accumulate and disturb the mechanisms. Also, those papers can have tiny waves or wrinkles that can cause printers to jam. 

On the other hand, high-quality ones are manufactured with strict standards and come with a guarantee. So, always invest in reliable sheets of paper to save time and prolong the life of your printer!

If you're wondering which one is right for you, SiDU multifunction copy paper sheets from APP Sinar Mas are thicker than low-quality ones and will not curl. Also, with brighter and whiter sheets like these, you can get sharper and more accurate print too!

Furthermore, with SiDU, you don't need to think about printer type as it can be used with either inkjet or laserjet. A mismatched paper sheet might cause your printer to jam too. Why? Because different types of machines need different paper specifications--laser printers need heat-resistant paper, while ink printers need special coating. SiDU paper will do just fine with both.

With high-quality sheets of paper like these, all you need to do is to enjoy great printing experiences. Now say goodbye to printer jams, and say hi to high-quality paper from SiDU!

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