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null Charta Global now offers multipurpose tissue parent rolls in the United States and Latin America

Charta Global now offers multipurpose tissue parent rolls

Anaheim, CA. April 27, 2020 – Charta Global, provider of specialty, office, stationery, food grade and packaging boards for North, South and Latin America, and strategic partner to Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), announced today that it will add multipurpose tissue parent rolls to its existing product portfolio.  Tissue converters in the United States and Latin America can now offer both retailers and away-from-home distributors a variety of parent rolls for standard and premium grade products for toilet tissue, facial tissue, kitchen towels and napkins. 

Charta Global’s tissue composition grades range from 1-ply to 4-ply options, are suitable for all commercial high-speed converting equipment and sourced from 100% sustainably managed plantations. Its plush, durable and hygienic material creates a superior, easily customized options for all paper converters. 

“Tissue represents a high-growth, high-demand market segment and we are very pleased to expand our product offerings to now include parent rolls,” said Rizal Setiadi, President of Charta Global. “By working with APP, we are able to provide one of the industry’s most extensive array of sustainable tissue product grades that can be easily converted for any market requirements.”


About Charta Global

Charta Global, headquartered in Anaheim, CA, sells an extensive portfolio of paper products which include: coated and uncoated for commercial and digital printing, coated folding carton boards, cast coated, food grade products, kraft, colored papers, briefcard, woodfree, photocopy & digital papers, carbonless, thermal, art, stationery products and parent roll tissue products.  Wholesale distributors and paper merchants throughout North and Latin America utilize Charta Global’s robust supply chain and logistics programs. 

As a strategic partner of the Asia Pulp & Paper Group (APP), Charta Global leverages a state of the art R&D network and leading sustainability practices of one of the world's largest fully integrated pulp and paper manufacturers with more than 20 million metric tons of paper and board manufacturing capacity.

About APP Sinar Mas

APP Sinar Mas is the trade name for a group of pulp and paper manufacturing companies in Indonesia and China. APP is responsible for delivering quality products to meet the growing global demand for tissue, packaging and paper, with an annual combined pulp, paper, packaging product and converting capacity of over 19 million tons per annum. On any given day, APP’s products find their way into the hands of consumers in various branded forms from all over the world.

Ensuring supply chain integrity and commitment to the Sustainable Roadmap Vision 2020 are crucial to APP’s operations. Learn more about APP’s path to operational excellence by reading our Sustainability Reports and Forest Conservation Policy at


For media enquiries, please contact:

Chelsea D’Amore

G&S Business Communications for APP


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Asia Pulp & Paper


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