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null Closing of the Kampus Merdeka x APP Sinar Mas Program (Batch 5)

Closing of the Kampus Merdeka x APP Program (Batch 5)

In supporting the government's efforts to advance the young talents of Indonesia, APP participated in the Certified Internship and Independent Study Program (MSIB) by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (Kemendikbudristek). Starting in August 2023, the Independent Campus Program x APP has officially concluded with a closing event at PT Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper Tbk - Tangerang Mill on Thursday, December 21, 2023.

The offboarding event was attended by the Head of Recruitment at APP, Calvin Hon, who expressed appreciation to the participants of the Independent Campus Program. "We appreciate the participants' involvement in the Independent Campus Program x APP Batch 5. Out of 5,213 students from various leading universities in Indonesia, only 62 were selected to join. I hope all participants enjoyed this process and gained valuable experiences during their internship at APP."

Throughout the MSIB program, participants were evaluated for successfully completing tasks with excellence and responsibility. Several mentors from various divisions were present to share impressions and messages with the participants who had collaborated at APP. One of them was Tata from the HR Academy. "APP embodies the Independent Campus Program with T-O-P: Transformation, Opportunity, and Potential. Transformation signifies the positive change resulting from the collaboration between participants and facilitators, realized through Opportunity or the internship chance in the MBKM program, and Potential, which refers to the Independent Campus participants selected from thousands. Congratulations to all participants who have transformed into better individuals."

Valuable Experiences

Participants of the Kampus Merdeka x APP shared their valuable experiences during the approximately 4-month MSIB program. Some expressed the need for an adjustment period when entering the workforce for the first time. However, over time, they adapted to the working environment at APP, even being entrusted to manage large-scale projects with regular guidance from mentors.

These valuable experiences were reflected in various aspects. In terms of knowledge, they learned to think globally and delve into the science surrounding the pulp and paper industry, spanning from products, production processes, to distribution and business processes. In terms of skill enhancement, they acquired many new abilities, such as using various tools to support their work. They also honed soft skills including teamwork, communication, time management, and much more. Equally important, they learned work procedures and the company's culture.

Irene, one of the MSIB participants, shared her thoughts on the MSIB program. "During my 4-month internship in the Human Resources department, I gained a lot of valuable knowledge and insights for my future career. I am thankful to the mentors who provided input for my self-development."

Entering a New Chapter

Although the Fifth Batch of the Kampus Merdeka x APP program concluded in December 2023, some participants' journey with APP hasn't ended. They will proceed to the Management Trainee (MT) program, extend their internship period, or even become employees.

At this closing event, participants had a final opportunity to exchange stories and experiences before continuing their journeys. The event also included games and awards. Three participants received appreciation as the Best Participants based on mentor and facilitator evaluations of their performance, attendance, and attitude throughout the program.

The MSIB program provides students with the opportunity to learn and grow through activities beyond classroom settings by directly engaging in the industrial world. This program also enables APP to introduce pulp and paper products, the company's work culture, and available programs for students and new graduates.

"We would like to thank Kemendikbudristek for collaborating with APP in the Kampus Merdeka Program. These 4 months have been an incredibly enjoyable time for the participants. I hope they gain valuable experiences for self-development and transformation alongside APP. When they graduate, I hope they can contribute to Indonesia's progress," concluded Deniece Chan Pai Eng, Head of HRHQ & COE at the event.

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