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null APP Recap January 2024

APP Activity Recap in January 2024

  1. PT IKPP - Perawang Mill Continues Women's Empowerment Efforts Through Culinary Training

PT Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper (IKPP) - Perawang Mill held another CSR training to empower women in Tualang District in Siak-Riau Regency. Located at Rumah Pintar Abdul Wahid, the two-day training (January 16-17, 2024) included coaching on high-value products and skills in making pastries with attractive flavors and packaging.

PT IKPP CSR Leader, Murseno SIP, said that this training is a continuation of the previous CSR program, with a special theme of making candied guava and pastries. The training is expected to help guava farmers assisted by CSR PT IKPP - Perawang Mill in downstreaming their products. Murseno also emphasized the importance of making the most of this opportunity and communicating to advance the business in the future.

  1. Helping People Affected by Floods in Riau, PT Arara Abadi Provides Food Aid

Due to high rainfall at the end of December 2023 until January 2024, a number of areas in Riau Province experienced flooding that was quite alarming. This has disrupted community activities and the economy. Seeing this condition, APP Forestry through PT Arara Abadi was moved to ease the burden on local communities affected by flooding.

Located at the BPBD Riau Office in Pekanbaru on Friday (5/1), PT Arara Abadi handed over 2 tons of rice to the people of Riau who were affected by the floods. This assistance was handed over by Wahyu S. Hut, representing the Director of PT Arara Abadi, accompanied by PT Arara Abadi Public Relations Officer Nurul Huda, and FOM Decha F. Hane, at the BPBD Riau Office in Pekanbaru on Friday (5/1).

On Tuesday (9/1), PT Arara Abadi continued its aid program in Pelalawan Regency. The assistance provided was in the form of basic food packages, including 500kg of rice, 100 liters of cooking oil, and 28 boxes of instant noodles, distributed through the Pelalawan Regency Social Service. Head of Public Relations of PT Arara Abadi, Hermansyah, expressed his hope that the assistance could benefit the people affected by the flood disaster.

  1. Tzu Chi APP KMA Lampung Volunteers Distribute Supplementary Food Aid for Stunted Children in South Lampung

Tzu Chi APP Volunteer Community from PT Konverta Mitra Abadi (KMA) Lampung distributed supplementary food to support the stunting reduction program in the UPTD Puskesmas Branti Raya area, South Lampung. With a focus on six villages, volunteers shared the task of providing additional food to 38 children who were stunted.

On this occasion, the Branti Raya Health Center also accompanied and provided education to mothers about providing nutrition and nutrition to children with healthy intake. Agus Sapari, one of the volunteers, emphasized the importance of knowledge about stunting prevention and treatment, especially for pregnant women and those with toddlers. Fajri, Head of Administration of UPTD Puskesmas Branti Raya, and Sri Hartati, head of the Mandah Village PKK team, appreciated the efforts of Tzu Chi APP Lampung 3 volunteers and hoped that stunting cases would soon be resolved in their area, in accordance with the nutrition self-sufficiency program and acceleration of stunting reduction promoted by the South Lampung government.

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