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null APP Group Celebrates Great Women in the Company, Holds Photo Competition and "Women in Business" Webinar

APP Group Celebrates Great Women in the Company, Holds Photo Competition and "Women in Business" Webinar

In the moment of celebrating International Women's Day, the APP Group organized various exciting activities as a platform for female employees of APP to share their inspiring journeys.

In the month leading up to International Women's Day, CHR - IR, Culture & Employee Experience APP held the "Women’s Pride Photo Competition", a photo competition showcasing the activities and interactions of APP employees in the workplace. In line with the theme "Women’s Pride Photo Competition", female employees of APP displayed their hardworking and resilient selves in their photo entries. This competition was participated in by more than 200 participants from across the Company, which is part of the APP Group and APP Forestry.

The peak event was marked by the "Women in Business" Webinar featuring great female employees at APP sharing their experiences regarding leadership, career, achievements, and their lives (8/3).

“Women in Business” Webinar

Theme raised in the webinar, "Women in Business," invited APP female employees to continue motivating themselves to advance and improve their qualities, in order to bring about positive changes and play important roles within the Company.

The webinar event began with an opening speech from Head of Strategic HR Marcus Budimulia explaining APP's active role as a member of the Indonesia Global Compact Network (IGCN) which is part of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), a network of sustainable movements rallying businesses, educational institutions, and NGOs to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). "As a member of UNGC, APP also signed the Women's Empowerment Principles. Therefore, APP always supports women in their careers within the Company," Marcus explained.

Still in the management's speech, Chief Sustainability Officer Elim Sritaba also conveyed APP's commitment to providing career opportunities for female employees at APP. "APP supports gender equality. Currently, at the APP Headquarters, there are 80 female employees at the senior level, and we aim to increase this number, accompanied by adequate skill improvement."

Subsequently, the webinar continued with a sharing session by Chief IT Officer, Rika Oktavianti. Rika shared her career journey at APP, where she started as an Analyst, and her career has continued to advance to now being entrusted as Chief IT Officer. Despite being a woman, Rika successfully became a leader in a department dominated by men. "Of course, there were times when doubts arose from within myself or from others, 'Can a woman take on this responsibility?' However, I eliminated those doubts. I believe that women have a unique perspective in working and solving problems, which may not be possessed by men," Rika explained.

Rika also shared a 'starter kit' for success in the workplace. "First, we must have appropriate and adequate skills our field of work. Second, we must have a good attitude; we must be able to behave and bring a positive aura to the work environment. With these two things, we can surely bring positive impacts for us to advance to the next level."

This webinar was also filled with a talk show featuring three female employees at APP: Desi Handayani (FWT/WWT/SWT Manager Pindo Deli Karawang), Monica Putri (Nursery Maintenance Supervisor APP Forestry Riau), and Elviliana Watopa (IT Planning & Project Management Specialist HQ). In the talk show, the guests shared various interesting stories, including experiences during their careers at APP, how APP always provides equal opportunities between women and men, facing challenges in their work, and achieving work-life balance for women.

Elviliana also shared her experience working in the IT industry, which still carries stereotypes as a male-dominated workplace. "For example, in a project dominated by male employees, we must believe that we have the ability to contribute maximally. We must be confident that this can enhance creativity and bring new perspectives in achieving common goals."

At the end of the event, Desi conveyed her message to all female employees of APP. "Every great woman can become great when she can overcome her limitations. Whatever her limitations, if she can overcome them, surely, she can achieve happiness," she said.

Monica also delivered her message, "All women at APP must be independent, stand on their own two feet, and never bury their ambitions."

At the end of the event, the winners of the photo competition were also announced. Congratulations to the winners and may they continue to inspire!

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