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null APP Group Celebrates the Graduation of Management Trainee Batch 2: Creating the Future Generation of Young Leaders

APP Group Celebrates the Graduation of Management Trainee Batch 2: Creating the Future Generation of Young Leaders

In an effort to prepare young talents to become future leaders, APP Group conducts the Management Trainee (MT) program. The MT program equips the younger generation with the necessary skills for a career in the professional world. The second batch of the APP MT program began on January 3, 2022, and concluded on January 2, 2024. Currently, the Batch 2 MT program has entered its final phase, marked by the Graduation Event of MT Batch 2 held at Sinarmas Land Plaza, Thamrin on Friday, March 1, 2024.

Selected Participants

Out of approximately 2,000 applicants for the APP MT program, 30 individuals successfully completed the program, who will then embark on a new journey at APP as future leaders. MT graduates have undergone four semesters of learning accompanied by practical work in various divisions, including Tissue Business Unit (TBU), Finance, MBOS, Logistics, Business Unit (BU), Internal Audit, HR, and Sustainability. Throughout the MT program period, MT graduates were trained to continuously grow, develop, and face every challenge in the professional world.

Management Trainee Graduation Event

The MT Batch 2 Graduation Event was attended by APP management, including CEO TBU Indonesia and Jumbo Roll Nunggal Raharjo, Chief Sustainability Officer Elim Sritaba, Head HRHQ & COE Deniece Chan Pai Eng, Head APP Academy Norman Firmansyah, Head Landscape Conservation Jasmine Doloksaribu, Global Head of MBOS Arman Dwiartono, as well as the graduates and mentors previously appointed to accompany the MT program.

During the opening remarks, Deniece Chan Pai Eng expressed her appreciation to the MT participants who successfully completed the 2-year program. "You should be proud of your achievements because you have been selected from 2,000 applicants and graduated with very satisfactory results."

Continuing with the management's remarks, Nunggal Raharjo stated, "The moment of graduation for the MTs marks the beginning of your professional career in the pulp and paper industry. Congratulations to all of you on your graduation."

During this opportunity, Norman Firmansyah reminded the graduates to continue applying the 6 principles taught during the MT program. "There are 6 things that the MTs must not forget: integrity, positive attitude and commitment, continuous improvement, innovation, and loyalty," said Norman.

MTs were awarded plaques for their graduation from this MT program. Not only that, but 3 MTs with the best performance also received awards from APP for their performance and achievements. Awards for the best MTs were based on training and evaluation, as well as presentations during the MT program period. The 3 best-performing MTs include Geraldine Kondorura from the Internal Audit Division, Diannisa Yulia Rahma from the BU Industrial White Division, and Nenxi Indyriana from the BU Industrial White Export Division.

The top-performing MTs shared their impressions after completing the program. During the Words from Graduates session, Diannisa Yulia Rahma stated, "It's been two years since I joined APP as an MT in the BU Industrial White division. During these two years, I not only gained experience in the paper industry but also learned how to become a professional and developed various aspects of myself."

Furthermore, during an interview, Geraldine Kondorura shared, "During the MT program, I learned a lot about the learning process at APP. I also had the opportunity to visit APP factories from Sumatra to Java, which prepared me for my career as a professional Internal Auditor."

In addition, Nenxi Indyriana mentioned that she gained valuable experience through business trips to meet clients abroad during the MT program.

Expert Leadership School, Ratnawati Helen Karoma, discussed the extensive opportunities available in this MT program. "Out of the 30 individuals who completed the MT program, one has already secured a job placement in Australia. So, this MT program actually opens up great opportunities for young people to gain exposure and employment not only in Indonesia but also abroad," she stated.

As of now, the APP MT Batch 3 program is ongoing, and Batch 4 will commence on March 25, 2024. In the future, this program will continue to engage outstanding young generations in their respective fields.

Congratulations on starting a new chapter at APP for the graduates of MT Batch 2!

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