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null APP Activity Recap in February 2024

APP Activity Recap in February 2024

1. PT IKPP – Tangerang Mill was Awarded as the Most Communicative and Aspirational Business Entity with the Media at the Tangerang Raya Award 2024

PT Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper (IKPP) – Tangerang Mill has been awarded the "Most Communicative and Aspirational Business Entity With the Media" at the Tangerang Raya Award 2024 organized by the Tangerang Raya Daily Newspaper (6/2). This award is given in recognition of the outstanding dedication of PT IKPP – Tangerang Mill in synergizing with the media. Moving forward, PT IKPP – Tangerang Mill hopes to continue enhancing cooperation in the field of publication for the advancement of the Company.

2. Babinsa of Lubuk Jering, along with the Fire Protection Brigade (RPK) team from PT Arara Abadi, is Actively Addressing Forest and Land Fires through Patrolling Activities

On Tuesday, February 20, 2024, Sri Wahyudi, the Village Military Commander (Babinsa) of Lubuk Jering, along with the team and the Fire Protection Brigade (RPK) from PT Arara Abadi, conducted a Forest and Land Fire (Karhutla) Patrol in the Lubuk Jering Village, Sungai Mandau Sub-district, Siak Regency, Riau.

During these Karhutla patrols with the community, Sri Wahyudi consistently emphasizes the importance of community involvement in safeguarding and preventing forest and land fires in the Minas and Sungai Mandau Sub-districts. This is particularly crucial at specific vulnerable points identified during the patrols.

3. PT Arara Abadi Extends Aid to Flood Victims in Sungai Mandau Sub-district

PT Arara Abadi, operating in the Sungai Mandau Sub-district, assisted in the form of basic food packages to flood victims in the same sub-district on Monday (19/02/2024). A total of 69 food packages containing cooking oil, rice, and sugar were directly handed over by PT Arara Abadi's Public Relations Officer for Rasau Kuning District, Aep Mahmudin, accompanied by the Public Relations Staff, Fajri Sukma, and the Head of CD – CSR at PT Arara Abadi, Kiswanto, along with their team, to the Sungai Mandau Sub-district Head, Muhammad Darwis.

4. The Tzu Chi APP Volunteer Community East Kalimantan Region Visited the Tresna Werdha Nirwana Elderly Home Samarinda

On Saturday (20/1), the Tzu Chi APP Volunteer Community from the East Kalimantan Region shared love with 110 residents of the Tresna Werdha Nirwana Puri elderly home in Sungai Pinang Dalam, Samarinda. Volunteers engaged in various activities with the elderly residents, including morning exercises, singing, and sharing stories. Not only that, several volunteers also assisted in activities such as nail cutting, shaving, and feeding the elderly. They also assisted in the form of elderly diapers, bathing equipment, snacks, and walking sticks to the caretakers of the home. Through this visit, the elderly residents felt greatly entertained and expressed gratitude for the attention given by the Tzu Chi volunteers.

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