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null Garuda+ Project Phase 2: Business Process Harmonization, Human Capital, and Industry 4.0

Garuda+ Project Phase 2: Business Process Harmonization, Human Capital, and Industry 4.0

APP Sinar Mas held the virtual launch of Phase 2 of the Garuda+ Project on Monday, 6 June 2022. The event was attended by representatives from both APP leadership team, employee and Accenture as partner on this project.

Garuda+ Project is a digital transformation project in APP Sinar Mas that emphasizes business process harmonization, human capital, and industry 4.0 elements. Phase 1 of the GARUDA+ Project known as Quick Win Implementation which was first commenced in November 2021 as part of the next step of Garuda+ Project. The Garuda+ Project now is in Phase 2A that will specifically focus on Global Design while Phase 2B will carry out the pilot implementation.

Garuda+ Project aims three main objectives as follow:

  • Vertical integration and improved collaboration through simplifying and harmonizing business processes
  • Leveraging the latest technology to develop and implement the digital transformation roadmap in APP
  • The implementation of business and digital transformation across all APP operations.

Garuda+ project consists of 2 phases:

Phase 1 Overview:

  • Phase 1 focuses on quick win streams implementation for TMS 2.1, ARIBA, MDG, and BPC Legal Consolidation, as well as fit gap assessment to capture the current information as preliminary in designing the global template. Phase 1 has been completed in May 2022

Phase 2A Overview:

  • As part of the next step of Garuda+ Project, Phase 2A will specifically focus on Global Template Design, Organization & Human Capital, Industry 4.0, Business Case and Roadmap, and BPC enhancement (planning and consolidation)
  • The main purpose of the Global Template Design is to develop a standardized To-Be Business Process which is applicable across all APP Mills and Business Units.
  • As part of the collaboration, Phase 2A also aim to introduce a new SAP Module that promotes end-to-end integration of APP Value Chain
  • As the next step of Industry 4.0, Phase 2A will focus on analyzing potential gap and developing a tailored roadmap that fits APP business goals
  • Business Case & Roadmap will highlight the use of value assessment to establish digital transformation business case and consolidated project roadmap as well as implementation strategy, to help APP secures stakeholder endorsement through all phases of the transformation initiative
  • BPC enhancement will focus on planning and consolidation process which will go live at the end of 2022, providing integrated/cross budgeting within end to end value chain in APP. The enhancement will highlight process automation to increase accuracy, integrated business planning to support decision making, and simulation capabilities with what if scenarios analysis.
  • Organization & Human Capital: Leveraging human-centric framework to raise commitment among key stakeholders, align human capital & organization to navigate people and organization to reach targeted Garuda+ outcomes

Phase 2B Overview:

  • Phase 2B will focus on the implementation of standardized business processes in SAP S/4HANA to the selected pilot sites

Garuda+ Key Guiding Principles: Direction in Achieving Project Objectives

To achieve Garuda+ Project goals, involvement and support from stakeholders across functions and areas including technology, process, and people is highly required. Attending and actively participating in TO-BE process design workshops (online & offline), system testing, data preparation and cleansing and user training are the one of the important keys in order to bring success to this project.

Watch the Garuda+ phase 2 kick off, here:

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