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null Encourage the Youth to Care for Biodiversity, Belantara Foundation Advocates Loving Wildlife Without Ownership

Encourage the Youth to Care for Biodiversity, Belantara Foundation Advocates Loving Wildlife Without Ownership

Belantara Foundation organized an event titled "Advanced Conservation Exhibition: Conservation for the Present and Future Generations" on September 9-10, 2023, at Mall Sarinah, Jakarta.

The exhibition was complemented by talk shows and was held in collaboration with Forum HarimauKita (FHK), Forum Konservasi Gajah Indonesia (FKGI), Forum Konservasi Orangutan Indonesia (FORINA), Eat & Run, Biologeek, and other wildlife conservation organizations. It was also supported by APP Sinar Mas, PT Sharp Electronics Indonesia, and Pristine. Additionally, media partners included, Majalah Trubus, Forest Insights, Klik Hijau, and Sorot Jakarta.

The talk show sessions focused on the theme "Youth Action in Wildlife Conservation in Indonesia," with subtopics on the first day, September 9, 2023, emphasizing the role of multiple stakeholders in wildlife conservation in Indonesia, and on the second day, September 10, 2023, highlighting the idea that loving wildlife does not necessitate ownership.

Dr. Dolly Priatna, the Executive Director of Belantara Foundation, expressed in her opening remarks that the Youth Conservation event aimed to raise awareness and understanding, particularly among the younger generation, regarding the importance of preserving biodiversity and wildlife along with their habitats in Indonesia.

Separately, as the primary sponsor of the exhibition, Chief Sustainability Officer of APP Sinar Mas, Elim Sritaba, mentioned that since 2013, their organization has been implementing the Forest Conservation Policy (FCP) across the entire supply chain of their pulp and paper business. This includes conducting studies and managing High Conservation Value (HCV) and High Carbon Stock (HCS) areas within their industrial forest plantation operations. Therefore, the exhibition aligns well with their FCP implementation.

Elim emphasized, "APP Sinar Mas is committed to protecting biodiversity within our operational locations by undertaking various mitigation, protection, and capacity-building efforts, including collaborating with stakeholders to support government programs under the leadership of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK)."

Meanwhile, Drh. Nur Purba Priambada, Head of the Division of the Association of Wildlife, Aquatic, and Exotic Animal Veterinarians of Indonesia (ASLIQEWAN), pointed out that keeping wild animals as pets contradicts animal welfare, potentially causing stress, illness, and the spread of diseases, particularly zoonotic diseases that can transfer between animals and humans. He stressed the need to stop normalizing the keeping of wild animals to maintain ecosystem balance, sustainability, and the preservation of nature for a better human life.

The involvement of the community, especially the younger generation, is key to the success of wildlife and habitat preservation. Young people play a crucial role as agents of change and can actively support positive changes in their communities. Their strength lies in their active presence on social media platforms, where they can raise awareness, educate, and campaign for the protection of wildlife as non-pets.

Furthermore, it is equally important to discourage the keeping of wild animals as pets. Such a movement can inspire and motivate the public, especially the younger generation, to become more actively involved in the preservation of wildlife and their habitats in their surroundings.

Prominent public figures and wildlife conservation practitioners, including TuanTigaBelas, a musician (rapper); Fade2Black, a BOSF Awareness Campaigner; Gita Syahrani, a Community Engagement Activist and the Head of the Secretariat of the Sustainable Districts Meeting Circle (LTKL) from 2017 to 2023; Drh. Nur Purba Priambada (vet), Head of the Division of ASLIQEWAN Professions; Davina Veronica, a BOSF Awareness Campaigner; and Ramon Y. Tungka, an Explorer and Environmentalist, were also present as speakers. They shared their experiences and active involvement in raising awareness, education, and campaigns for the preservation of wildlife and their habitats in Indonesia.

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