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null APP recruits peat experts to help land preservation and reduce carbon emissions

Team of peat experts implements its Forest Conservation Policy

APP has appointed a team of peat experts who will work with the company as it implements its Forest Conservation Policy (FCP).

The team is being led by Alterra Wageningen UR, a collaboration between Wageningen University and the DLO foundation. It will include three experts from Wageningen University and Research, two experts from Euroconsult Mott Macdonald and one from Deltares.

APP’s FCP was launched on February 5th 2013, in a bid to end deforestation in its supply chain. A moratorium on the clearance of all natural forest was introduced pending a series of assessments to determine which parts of APP’s concessions contain High Carbon Stock and which are of High Conservation Value, all of which will be protected.

The policy also included a commitment to ‘support the Government of Indonesia’s low emission development goal and its target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This will be achieved by ensuring that forested peatland is protected as part of its commitment to maintain HCVF and HCS forests.’

In a three month inception phase, which began in January 2014, the team will analyse current peat management issues and opportunities in APP supplier concessions, and propose an outline plan for a follow-up Second Phase of work, in which an approach for responsible peat management will be identified.

Recommendations from the team will be used to develop APP’s Integrated Sustainable Forest Management Plans (ISFMP) along with the results of the HCV and HCS assessments. The Integrated Sustainable Forest Management Plans when complete, will form the basis for the long term conservation of all natural forest in APP’s Concessions.

Aida Greenbury, APP’s managing director, sustainability and stakeholder engagement, said: “We have spent a long time speaking with various peat experts around the world in an effort to find candidates who have the expertise and the credibility to take on a project of the scale of APP’s FCP. The Alterra Wageningen team are by far the most well qualified for the job and we are pleased to be working with them as we set about implementing one of Indonesia’s most far-reaching sustainability initiatives.”


For more information and comments, please contact:

Darragh Ooi, Global Head of Communications

T: (62-21) 29650800


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