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null APP Culture Story Winner of the Month (June 2020)

APP Culture Story Winner of the Month (June 2020)

Anang Suprianto was only a high school graduate when he started to work at PT Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper Tbk - Perawang Mill in 1992. He started to work as a Field Operator Boiler where he learned a lot of new things. He was then given the opportunity  to attend training class by a Finland mentor and qualified to operate the boiler properly. 

A year after that,  Anang was transferred to PT Lontar Papyrus Pulp & Paper Industry to help the boiler development project, where he supervises it until it runs normally. 

His job as DCS Boiler Operator required Anang to work along with Boiler Supervisors from Finland. During this period, Anang decided  to learn English and Microsoft Office. His path of success continued, he then assigned to help the Gold East Paper Factory in China  in which Anang took the opportunity to learn Mandarin.  In 2013 he decided to go back to school and he earned his master degree in 2019. Not only that, Anang is also certified for Energy Management, Energy Conservation and Energy Auditor programs.

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